Friday, May 12, 2017

It Appears That Iran Has Chosen Ballistic Missiles As Its Preferred Method To Deliver A Nuclear Warhead

A ballistic missile is launched and tested at an undisclosed location in Iran in this handout photograph released by the official website of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps March 8, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS/SEPAHNEWS.COM/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS

Washington Free Beacon: Intel Report: Iran Refining Nuke Delivery System in Flagrant Violation of Ban

Increased ICBM work offers pathway to long-range nuclear weapon.

Iran continues to make critical technological strides in its efforts to perfect an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons over great distances, efforts that violate international prohibitions, according to the director of national intelligence, who informed Congress this week that the Islamic Republic "would choose ballistic missiles as its preferred method of delivering nuclear weapons."

The disclosure comes just days after Iranian leaders announced the upcoming launch of two new domestically produced satellites. Iran has long used its space program as cover for illicit missile work, as the know-how needed to launch such equipment can be applied to long-range ballistic missile technology.

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WNU Editor: When the Iranian nuclear deal was signed there was hope that the spirit of the agreement would result in Iran stepping back from some of its military programs .... such as their ballistic missile program. Unfortunately .... it appears that this is not the case.


Caecus said...

They are simply taking advantage of the hopeless stupidity/treason of Western governments and officials. Iran is an Islamic theocracy committed to the jihad, it isn't going to be "pacified" by lucrative deals and certainly not by any show of weakness. Obama's pandering to the mullahs was exactly that.

Jay Farquharson said...

"It Appears That Iran Has Chosen Ballistic Missiles As Its Preferred Method To Deliver A Nuclear Warhead"


No Nuclear Weapons Program,

No Nuclear Weapons,


Everybody who can afford it, has Ballistic Missiles.