Friday, May 12, 2017

Kremlin Warns That It May Retaliate Against The U.S. If Washington Does Not Return Russian Diplomatic Property Seized Last Year

A Russian compound, which was ordered to be closed and vacated, is seen in Upper Brookville, Long Island, New York, U.S., on Dec. 30, 2016 Source: Reuters

Reuters: Kremlin says may retaliate against USA over expulsion of Russian diplomats

MOSCOW, May 12 (Reuters) - Russia may retaliate against the United States for the Obama administration's expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats it said were spies, a top Kremlin aide said on Friday.

Moscow is also waiting for the return of two diplomatic compounds seized in the United States during the same espionage scandal, Yuri Ushakov, a Kremlin foreign policy aide, said.

"We are waiting for the return of Russian diplomatic property illegally impounded before the New Year by the previous U.S. authorities," Ushakov told a news briefing.

"We decided not to respond immediately to this escapade, but no one has yet abolished the principle of reciprocity in diplomacy ... Our patience is not without limits," he said, saying Russian retaliation could not be ruled out.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had raised the issue of the compounds during a Washington visit this week, he said.

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Update: Moscow expects U.S. to return Russian diplomatic property (RBTH/TASS)

WNU Editor: Moscow was hoping that this was going to be resolved when Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met President Trump this Wednesday. If today's remarks from Moscow are an indication .... it looks like no headway was made. Bottom line .... the Kremlin is clearly not optimistic that U.S. - Russian relations are going to improve soon .... Quick solutions in Russian-US relations unlikely due to Obama legacy — Kremlin aide (TASS). What's my take .... Washington is totally into the entire story that Russia colluded with Trump to win last year's election .... and that any affiliation by anyone in Washington with Russia .... or giving something to Russia .... will be poisonous for that person right now .

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B.Poster said...

One of BHO's most careless an reckless acts was seizing the property of the Russian diplomats and expelling them for absolutely no good reason and making a public display about it. If this were done to Americans, I and most Americans would rightly be outraged.

If there were a sound reason to do this, it would have been best to have handled it quitely. By acting out like an impudent child the former POTUS and the US government show themselves to be untrustworthy. No sound reason was ever presented for this act done to the diplomats other than foaming at the mouth unfocused rage. Expect consequences for this reckless action that will go far beyond Russia.

When this occurred, Mr. Putin thankfully chose not to respond in kind most likely waiting to see if DJT Would chart a more sensible course for US policy toward Russia.

Candidate Trump had it exactly right when suggesting a differnt course here. POTUS Trump has not been as sensible.

Is he possibly being blackmailed by soneone causing him to change his stance to the more reckless position toward Russia in concert with the "mainstream." It seems to me that this is what we need to be investigating and not so called Russian "collusion."

So far the Russian response has been measured and patient. Sooner or later and probably sooner this patience is going to run out and the Russians will rightly ecpect their stolen property back or to be compensated for it.

Part of the essence of good leadership is doing what's right even when it faces stiff opposition. DJT needs to get out in front of this and do the right thing. Either return the expropriated property or compensate in accordance to its value.