Sunday, May 21, 2017

Looking At Syria From Outer Space During Nighttime From 2012 To The Present Time

BBC: Syria from Space

Three cities in darkness and light

What does the impact of the Syrian war look like from space?

Six years of war in Syria have had a devastating effect on millions of its people.

One of the most catastrophic impacts has been on the country’s electricity network.

Images from Nasa, obtained by BBC Arabic, show clearly how the lights have gone out during the course of the conflict, leaving people to survive with little to no power.

Each timelapse frame shows an average of the light emitted at night every month from 2012, one year after the war began.
They show that the areas where Syrians can turn lights on at night, power their daily lives and get access to life-saving medical equipment, have shrunk dramatically.

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WNU Editor: The before and after pictures are striking.

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