Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 17, 2017


Uri Friedman, The Atlantic: North Korea: The Military Options

What would a strike actually entail?

The Trump administration claims “all options are on the table” for dealing with North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program—from using military force, to pressuring China to cut off economic relations with North Korea, to Donald Trump negotiating directly with Kim Jong Un. But what do those options look like? And what consequences could they have? This series explores those questions, option by option.

Trump’s Reddish Line

Millions of lives may depend on what Donald Trump means by the word “it.”

At some point, the American president recently told CBS’s John Dickerson, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will develop “a better [missile] delivery system” for its small but growing stockpile of nuclear weapons. “And if that happens,” Trump vowed, “we can’t allow it to happen.”

Behind the seemingly contradictory statement was a hazy hint of what might prompt the world’s mightiest military to use force against an emerging nuclear power, potentially drawing China, Japan, and South Korea into one of the most volatile conflicts in living memory.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 17, 2017

U.S. nuclear scientist: N. Korea has 'ample technical reason' to conduct sixth nuclear test -- Yonhap News Agency

South Korea: N. Korea ballistic missile program evolving faster than expected -- The Hill

Report: North Korea scientists exempt from military conscription -- UPI

USPACOM Chief: North Korea’s Latest Missile Test ‘A Recipe For Disaster’ -- Sputnik

North Korea poses threat to China, Russia: US admiral -- Channel News Asia/AFP

US Intelligence Takes Increased North Korean Saber-Rattling Seriously -- VOA

Russia to display weapons used in Syria at arms show in Peru -- TASS

Make in India defense programs worth $30B at an impasse over Strategic Partners policy -- Defense News

Military Buildup: China Installs Anti-Frogman Guns in South China Sea -- Sputnik

The German military and its troubled traditions -- DW

Macron appoints new French defense minister, reassigning former chief -- Defense News

For Marine Corps Force in Norway, 'Russia' Is a Four-Letter Word --

U.S. Air Force Sends Robotic F-16s Into Mock Combat -- War Is Boring

Navy to Expand Integration of a New Ship-Defense Technology Able to Destroy Attacking Cruise Missiles -- Scout Warrior

Amphib's skipper, XO fired after 'engineering incident' -- Navy Times

UC San Diego Lab Developing Robots For Use by Military and Daily Life -- NBC News

SOFIC: Where the military buys its cool gear -- FOX News

U.S. Special Operators and Marines Want A New Long-Range Machine Gun -- The Drive

The Army Just Announced 2 Big Uniform Changes -- Task & Purpose

These Are The Troops Most Affected By The Military’s Worsening Sleep Problem -- Task & Purpose

Thousands of U.S. troops suffering from trauma were separated from the military for misconduct, report finds -- Washington Post

GAO: Thousands discharged for military misconduct had mental health diagnosis -- The Hill

'Performance enhancing drugs' considered for Special Operations soldiers -- Defense News

Pentagon Space Programs Continue to Suffer Long Delays, Huge Cost Overruns -- Sputnik

The Graying of a Fleet: 'Tired Iron' Needs Total Force Boost --

DARPA Wants Artificial Intelligence That Doesn’t Forget Everything It Knows -- Defense One

Hackers Offer ‘Data Dump of the Month’ With Nuclear Secrets, Attack Tools -- Sputnik

So You Think the Army Can Avoid Fighting in Megacities -- John Amble & John Spencer, RCD


Jay Farquharson said...

Tip for you,

Assistant AG Rosenstien appointed former FBI Director Mueller as a Special Investigator into the Russian Election interference and Trump/Russia ties.

B.Poster said...

They need to expedite the investigation as quickly as possible. The sooner we get this resolved the better. We need to negotiate an end to Cold War 2. The Americans need to get this done. In spite of all that has happened, the Russians still appear to want to get this done.

Unfortunately the Russians aren't likely to negotiate or otherwise work with us until this is resolved. Meanwhile Americans continue to be in mortal danger as Russian patience is not going to be unlimited. The sooner we can begin the type of earnest negotiations needed to end Cold War 2 the better.

The investigators will likely face extreme pressure to convict POTUS and members of his team. As such, measures will need to be taken to ensure the investigative process is equitable.

Jay Farquharson said...

It's not going to be expedited, Investigations like this take years, it will take a month or twi just to set up an office, staff and start the process of making contact with the investigations.

The whole purpose of an Independent Councillor, is that political pressure is removed and any overt pressure put's the pressuree at risk of Obstruction of Justice criminal charges.

B.Poster said...

Given the extreme nature of this, it needs to be expidiated. If this were a case of something petty with low stakes, perhaps we could afford to take our time on this.

We should be able to set up an office staff in 2 days, start the investigations process within 4 days, interview the neccessary people within 2 weeks, analyze everything and close this out within a month, possibly two month, and three at the most.

While admittedly a high percentage of American voters are ideologically blind on both the left and right and others are just plain stupid, much of the world isn't. This already looking like a witch hunt against team Trump by much of the world and the Russians whom we really need to be negotiating with seem to think we're bat sh!t crazy.

The Russians will probably allow us 6 months to complete the process as long as the steady drum beat of anti-Russian messaging ceases. Their patience is not likely to be open ended. If they don't see progress and the demonization of Russia does not cease, at some point, they are going to lose patience and start inflicting real pain on Americans.

If the process is equitable, the Russians will likely still be willing to negotiate. In spite of all this, they still seem to want to end Cold War 2. The US needs to get this done. We don't need it and given our situation I'm skeptical that we have the resources to effectively prosecute this.

Some around the world may be enjoying the show of all this. I and many Americans do not. Some around the world are in no real danger from this. Meanwhile the survival of America and Americans are in grave danger. The sooner we can negotiate an honorable end to Cold War 2 the better.

Congress should allow the counsel three months with a mandatory preliminary report in one and one half months. If warranted, the process could be extended to six months. In the mean time, someone needs to coordinate with the Russians to try and reassure them we are not trying to harm them and they may be patient with us. This person will likely need to be someone they trust or at least respect.

Jay Farquharson said...


Investigations, are investigations.

In cases like these, an Investigator might have to chase payments between a numbered company in Delaware, to a paper company in Nevada, to a front Company in Panema, then on to Liberia, Malta, Gibralter only to have it disappear in Bitcoin.

The FBI's Trump/Flynn/Russia case is already a year old, it's found enough for FISA Warrants, a rumoured Grand Jury, and rumoured subpena's.

This ain't a TV show.

B.Poster said...


Very respectfully there is nothing funny about this. Already delicate negotiations with the Russians have already likely bedn undermined. The longer this goes on the harder these negotiations are going to be. The survival of America may well depend upon a negotiated end to Cold War 2. Perhaps the prospect of millions of dead Americans makes you happy. As a Canadian, this may not seem as serious to you.

While I can understand the painstaking nature of a proper investigation, this is an extraoridanry situation. The lead investigator already has much of the work done, he knows all the key talent that would/could work on this, his resources eill be virtually unlimited, and all the talent is going to clamor to work on this.

As such, he can draw on whatever resources to complete this within six months. When an important job needs to be done under a time crunch, people work double shifts, temp help is called in etc.

The survival of America depends on getting this right within a limited time. We'd like more time. We simply don't have it. The Russians will lose patience and our window to end Cold War 2 will close.

For that matter and off topic I'd like more time to do my job. The government agencies and clients are not going to allow it. I have to work within the timeframe I have and there's no use complaining. If needed, I must work more or draw on more personnel to assisted.

The Russians and probaly much of the world are only going to allow six months at most and very likely no more. Not only this but resources are being diverted from important business. As such, this has to be completed in six months. Failure to do so is all but certain to have dire consequences for the security and economic well being of Americans. Perhaps the prospect of millions of dead Americans appeals to you. I sure hope not.

Jay Farquharson said...


fazman said...