Thursday, May 18, 2017

North Korea Prepares Its Defenses Ahead of A Possible U.S. Missile Strike


Daily Mail: Kim Jong-un prepares defences ahead of possible US missile strike as American troops in South Korea rehearse destroying Pyongyang's nuclear weapons

* Dictator has ordered his army to strengthen key military locations in North Korea
* Issued order after America launched a surprise missile strike on a Syrian airbase
* Comes as it emerged US troops have carried out a military drill in South Korea
* Exercise was aimed at rehearsing rapid destruction of North's nuclear weapons

Kim Jong-un is preparing for a possible US missile strike by bolstering defences at North Korean military positions, it has emerged.

The dictator has ordered his army to strengthen and repair protective walls at key locations amid fears America will carry out a surprise air raid.

He is said to have taken the decision in mid-April after US President Donald Trump launched dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield over suspicions Bashar al-Assad's forces had used chemical weapons.

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Update: N.K preparing for cruise missile strikes: RFA -- Yonhap News Agency

WNU Editor: Here is a good summary on North Korea's nuclear and missile assets .... Kim's Bombs (Asia Times).

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