Wednesday, May 24, 2017

North Korean Defector Claims Norht Korea Has 300 To 400 Drones That Can Launch A Biological And Chemical Attack On Seoul

North Korean drones, according to South Korean intelligence estimates. © PHOTO: SPUTNIK, WIKIMEDIA COMMONS, PRC DEFENSE MINISTRY, ROK DEFENSE MINISTRY, YOUTUBE/MBCNEWS

Washington Times: North Korea attack drones carrying biological, chemical weapons can strike Seoul within 1 hour

North Korea’s military has 300 to 400 attack drones capable of carrying biological and chemical weapons that could reach the South Korean capital of Seoul within one hour, according to a high-level defector from the isolated regime ruling Pyongyang.

The claim from a 42-year-old former third secretary who fled Kim Jong-un’s regime in 2015 coincides with heightened international concern over a different threat from North Korea: mobile, medium- to long-range missiles that Pyongyang has tested with increasing frequency.

After successfully launching one of the solid-fuel missiles Sunday, North Korean leaders said they are ready to begin deploying and mass-producing the Pukgukson-2 projectiles, which Pyongyang says are capable of reaching major U.S. military bases in Japan.

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Update: Defector: DPRK Drones Can Hit Seoul With Biochemical Attack in One Hour (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: These claims have been circulating for the past few months .... North Korea reportedly has a fleet of 1,000 drones it can use for chemical attacks (Business Insider)


Dave Goldstein said...

If the NK ever uses chemical or bio weapons against the south that will be the last day for the NK. It will be a short war.

Jay Farquharson said...

The "go to" premise in the West, is that the NORK's are "insane".

The reality is the NORK's have been "under seige" for decades.

When the NODK's are attacked, as a last desperate measure they will use their NBC arsenal to try to "share" the pain.