Saturday, May 13, 2017

President Trump Has A 'Beef' With The Navy's Newest System For Launching Aircraft From Carriers

Virginia Pilot: President Trump says the Navy's newest system for launching aircraft from carriers is "no good"

President Donald Trump called for scrapping the Navy’s newest system designed to launch aircraft from flight decks of its Ford-class carriers, saying it costs too much and is “no good.”

In a Time magazine interview released Thursday, Trump said the Navy should revert to steam catapults – used for decades on Nimitz-class carriers – rather than use the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, referred to as EMALS, and designed by General Atomics for use on the Ford-class carriers. He appeared to be recounting a recent interaction with someone who told him the system lacks the power of steam.

“It sounded bad to me,” Trump told Time.

But, Trump appeared to confuse the technology used in the launch system.

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WNU Editor: The US Navy is gung-ho for their new catapult system .... and they are not going to recommend going back to "steam" .... let alone redesigning the Ford Class carrier to accommodate steam. But it is fun to see how they are running around defending this system to a President who is not knowledgeable about it, but who clearly likes to see them explain themselves on why they want and need it. It is also fun to see the media going into contortions on reporting this story .... but I understand why President Trump raised this issue .... Trump is being Trump .... but the media is only use to Presidents who kept their views private and/or do not even bother to challenge the military heads on procurement decisions .... but were the first to complain when the foul-ups and the billions that are over budget make the news. Memo to the Pentagon and the press .... President Trump has shown himself more than once that is not that type of President. Then again .... maybe he wants to go back to steam .... and maybe there is a problem with the new system .... Donald Trump's Problem With the Navy's Electromagnetic Airplane Catapult, Explained (Popular Mechanics).

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