Friday, May 12, 2017

President Trump Tweets A Response Over Release Of Russia Photos From The Oval Office

New York Post: Trump retaliates on Twitter over Russia photos

President Trump jabbed back at Russia on Thursday, tweeting out photos that show him standing next to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office — and also seated next to rival Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin of Ukraine.

Trump noted that he held meetings with both pols “on the same day” and added the hashtag #LetsMakePeace!

The move came a day after the Russian government tweeted its own photos of Trump shaking hands with both Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, who’s suspected of being a key Russian spymaster operating in Washington, D.C.

The White House admitted Thursday that it was unaware Russia would be releasing photos from the closed-door meeting, with one official telling CNN: “They tricked us.”

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WNU Editor: There was a White House camera man and the Russians wanted their camera man present during this Oval Office meeting. Of course these photos were going to be released (by the Russian delegation) as soon as they had the chance to do so .... which they did. The fact that the White House was slow in releasing their photos .... and I have been using White House photos for this blog for years and yes, they are slow. All that I can say is that next time .... the White House should post their photos ASAP and/or let in the camera staff from the AP and Reuters in the room .... and I for one would be happy if they do.

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