Thursday, May 25, 2017

President Trump's Budget Proposal Will Cut Funding To A Point That UN Peacekeeping Will Be 'Impossible'

UN peacekeepers in Liberia. Photo: UNMIL/Staton Winter

DW: UN's Guterres: Trump budget would make UN peacekeeping 'simply impossible'

The proposed cuts would reduce the UN peacekeeping budget by more than $1 billion USD. The US currently pays for more than one-fourth of the UN peacekeeping budget.

A spokesman for United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the proposed US budget cuts to the UN would make it "simply impossible" for the international organization to continue humanitarian work.

"From where we stand, looking at the budget as it is proposed now would make it simply impossible for the UN to continue its work advancing peace, development, human rights and humanitarian assistance around the world," said spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

The US is the largest contributor to the UN's budget, supplying 25 percent of the UN's $5.4 billion regular operating budget and 28.5 percent of its separate $7.8 billion peacekeeping budget. US President Donald Trump wants to cap the US peacekeeping contribution at 25 percent.

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WNU Editor: When I first started working for the UN 25 years ago .... talk of the U.S. curtailing their financial contributions to the UN was nothing new. And almost no one believed it would happen .... they always made the same legitimate excuse that the UN does a lot of good for the U.S., and it is not in the interest of the U.S. to change the status quo. Besides .... almost all of the money that the U.S. gives to the UN is generated back to the US via through employment at New York, purchase of U.S. equipment and supplies, and having an important voice when decisions have to be made on setting international norms and regulations. But this complacency came with a cost .... as long as the money flowed from the U.S. there was no need for the UN to go to other countries and make demands that they should increase their contribution. The Trump administration is now signalling that those days are gone .... even if it is going to hurt a lot of countries. Will other countries step up and make the difference .... we shall see. But if history is any condition .... leaders of the world are always praising the valuable role that the UN plays .... but when it comes to giving money .... even a little bit .... they always develop "cold feet". My prediction .... the U.S. Congress is going to put back the money.

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