Thursday, May 25, 2017

Report: China Has Begin Building Its Fourth Aircraft Carrier

China’s unfinished aircraft carrier under construction in Dalian in Liaoning province. Photo: Kyodo

UPI: Report: China building fourth aircraft carrier at Dalian shipyard

May 23 (UPI) -- China is building its fourth aircraft carrier and is expected to deploy the vessel in six years.

The latest development may be a sign the world's second-largest economy seeks to expand its navy while militarizing disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Taiwanese newspaper China Times reported Tuesday construction of a fourth aircraft carrier, also China's third homemade carrier, is underway and could be ready for deployment by 2023.

Quoting Chinese military sources, the report stated a new "block" had emerged at Dalian Shipyard, the same location where the Type 001A carrier, China's first self-built aircraft carrier, was assembled and deployed.

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WNU Editor: Some are saying that this is not China's fourth aircraft carrier .... Why China’s not building next aircraft carrier just yet (South China Morning Post). On a side note .... Chinese state media is peeved that detailed photos of PLA’s second aircraft carrier are appearing in Japanese media .... Chinese state media calls for tighter national security after detailed photos of PLA’s second aircraft carrier appear in Japanese media (South China Morning Post).


Jay Farquharson said...

Cue the Deplorables lointing out the US has 11, even though the US reports on "airworthy" airframes and Naval maintenence shows that at best, the US can muster 4, maybe 5 Carrier Groups.

The US Military is tapped out.

TWN said...

The reports that the US military put out are to scare Congress and the Public to pony up more money, I wouldn't hold to much stock in them.

Chase jones said...

And you Canadians can muster a couple mount me's lol

fazman said...

Youd be amazed how quick in time of war things will be fixed, 24 hour labour, parts priority from suppliers etc. 6 months will become 6 weeks. Besides you know those reports are false, just the brass wanting more budget $.

Andrew Jackson said...

Canadia,fake country.