Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Report: President Trump Shared Classified Intelligence About Islamic State Threats With The Russians

L.A. Times: Trump shared highly classified intelligence about Islamic State with Russians, reports say

The White House lurched into a new crisis Monday over reports that President Trump had shared highly classified intelligence last week with visiting Russian officials in the Oval Office.

In the meeting with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador to the United States, Trump discussed threats from Islamic State involving laptops taken aboard airliners, intelligence that had been provided by a U.S. ally on the condition that it not be shared, the Washington Post reported.

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WNU Editor: Anonymous sources tell a Washington Post reporter that President Trump shared intel with Russia. Washington Post posts it (behind a paywall) .... and the usual suspects .... main stream media/Democrats/never Trumpers in the Republican party/etc. go into meltdown mode. Director of National Intelligence who was present in the meeting goes out and meets the press and categorically denies it .... calling it a fake news story (see above 3rd video). Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell and US Secretary of State Tillerson who were also at the meeting have also come out and are denying this story. The Washington Post reporter Greg Miller (above 2nd video) admits that his sources who provided him this info did so because they believed that President Trump went too far in disclosing what the U.S. knew .... but beyond that he is not offering any additional information. I also find it weird that he did not call the 3 U.S. officials besides President Trump who were in the room .... Director of National Security McMaster, Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell and US Secretary of State Tillerson. So is there a story here .... according to the media there definitely is one .... and they are reporting it as such. Either way .... this is going to be the major story for the next few days. As for what are the Russians saying .... it is still early in Moscow, but RT has come out with this story .... White House refutes 'false' report Trump shared classified info with Russians (RT). On a personal note, I worked at ICAO (the UN's civil aviation organisation) from 1989 to 1994. There were always discussions on terror threats and their possible impact on civil aviation .... and I know for a fact that in today's ICAO this sharing of intel is even more detailed and ongoing. Did President Trump share details with the Russians on civil aviation plots as the Washington Post is alleging .... I do not know .... but I do know that if the U.S. does have this intel, it will eventually be disseminated to ICAO's member states according to treaty obligations and security agreements.

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