Sunday, May 14, 2017

Russian President Putin Plays The Piano While Waiting For Chinese President Xi

Reuters: Russia's Putin plays piano as he awaits talks with Xi

Russian President Vladimir Putin played piano while awaiting Chinese leader Xi Jinping for bilateral talks in Beijing on Sunday.

Putin spoke earlier on Sunday at a summit on China's new Silk Road plan. He later arrived at state Diaoyutai residence for talks with Xi and other leaders.

While waiting for his bilateral with Xi to begin, Putin played several chords. According to TASS news agency and state Russian television, Putin played passages from Soviet-era songs about Moscow and St Petersburg.

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WNU Editor: That is something that you do not see everyday. I am guilty of the same thing .... if I see a piano and there is no one around and I have nothing to do .... I will also play a few chords. It is a great way to release the stress.


Rhaegar said...

Which tune/songs did he play? They mentioned that it was an Soviet song about Moscow and St Petersburg, but not the actual names of the songs.

War News Updates Editor said...

No idea Rhaegar. It is a tune that I am not familiar with.

Rhaegar said...

Cool I finally found their names, Московские окна (Windows in Moscow) and Город над вольной Невой (The City over the free Neva river/flood if I understood it right)
Very beautifull music with much feelings and depth though I don't understand the language.

War News Updates Editor said...

Apparently he learned to play the piano when he was young. And he still remembers those tunes.
I learned to play the piano and accordion when I was young. I can still remember about half a dozen tunes, and I have done what Putin did when he saw an empty piano. You just sit down and play without a concern in the world on how it may sound.