Saturday, May 6, 2017

Russia's Military Rehearses For Its Big Parade On Victory Day (May 9)

Russian troops and armour have been out in force rehearsing for the country's Victory Day parade in Moscow's Red Square (pictured, the car that will carry the Minister of Defense)

Daily Mail: Putin on a show of strength: Russia's troops rehearse for Victory Day parade in Moscow's Red Square

* Hundreds of vehicles and thousands of troops rehearsed for Russia's May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow
* The display, which marks the Allied victory over the Nazis, was started under Stalin but has grown under Putin
* The huge military procession is now the centrepiece of a day of nationalistic celebration for Russians

Russia's military has turned out in force as thousands of troops and hundreds of vehicles practiced their final manoeuvres ahead of the country's annual Victory Day parade.

The celebration, which will take place on May 9, will mark 72 years since the signing of the German act of capitulation to the Allies in Berlin, ending conflict on the Eastern Front of the Second World War.

Begun under Stalin, the parade has grown in magnificence under Putin's leadership and is now the centrepiece in a day of nationalistic pride and fervor.

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Update: PUTIN ON A SHOW OF MIGHT Thousands of Russian soldiers, aircraft and tanks march in a massive showcase of military power (The SUN).

WNU Editor: In my opinion .... in the past I always found the rehearsal parade far more interesting that the real one .... for starters .... you can get super close to take a cool selfie.

Update #1: What vehicles will be on view during the May 9 parade? (RBTH)
Update #2: What type of aircraft will fly over Red Square? (RBTH)


James said...

What make is that car? I love the whitewalls.

War News Updates Editor said...

Zil Limousine .... of course

Anonymous said...

70 years and they still get a boner from defeating a country much smaller than theirs, and with several other nations, including England and the US coming to their help.. lol.. right on

James said...

Honestly, I didn't think of that until after I had asked. Still...........I just couldn't let one like that get by. Heh!

James said...

Looked at the link. Gorbachev and Stone at a Moscow Mayday, well make of that what you will. I loved the paratrooper picture. The guy second from right in the pic, I bet he's had to be pretty tough every once in awhile. Only a mother could love...........

War News Updates Editor said...

James. It's a great car. it just reeks of opulence and power. :)

Stephen Davenport said...

The Russians put on good military parades, I usually watch them every year.