Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Syrian War News Updates -- May 2, 2017

VOA: Monitor: 32 Civilians Killed by IS Attackers in Syrian Refugee Camp

At least 32 civilians were killed Tuesday in a surprise Islamic State attack near a refugee camp on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Spokesman Rami Abdel said, "At least five suicide attackers blew themselves up outside and inside the camp for Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians."

Kurdish and Syrian sources said many of the victims were residing in the temporary camp after fleeing fighting in areas of Syria and Iraq controlled by IS.

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Syrian War News Updates -- May 2, 2017

More than 30 dead after five Isil suicide bombers attack refugee camp on Syria border -- The Telegraph
IS attack on displaced in northeast Syria kills nearly 40 -- AP
Syria war: Many dead in IS attack on displaced people's camp -- BBC
IS attack kills dozens at Syria camp -- AFP
U.S.-backed militias oust Islamic State from Syria's Tabqa old city -- Reuters
Kurdish forces 'take 90 percent' of Syria's Tabqa -- Al Jazeera
Infighting in Syria's Ghouta leaves nearly 100 dead -- Al Jazeera
Syrian regime faces tough resistance from rebels in Aleppo’s outskirts -- Al-Monitor
U.S. general told Turkey of concerns about Syria/Iraq air strikes -- Reuters
The US is trying to stop two of its allies in Syria from mauling each other -- CNN
Syrian forces used nerve gas in four attacks: HRW -- Al Jazeera
Human Rights Watch report: In Syria, pattern of chemical weapons attacks by Assad regime -- CBS
April Nerve Gas Attack in Syria Appears to Be One in a Series -- NYT
Syrian regime accused of escalating use of chemical weapons on rebels -- The Independent
Putin calls for boosting Syria truce ahead of Astana talks -- AFP
Trump and Putin to Talk Amid Tension Over Syria -- NYT
Putin Pushes Syria Peacekeeper Plan With Trump to Save Truce -- Bloomberg
German official sees promise in expanding Russia-backed Syrian peace talks -- Reuters
Erdogan says to discuss Syria operations with Russia's Putin, Trump -- Reuters
Syria: UN concerned over worsening security, humanitarian situation in Damascus suburbs -- UN News Centre

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