Saturday, May 13, 2017

The King Stallion Helicopter Program Is Now The Pentagon's Most Expensive Aircraft

Task And Purpose: The Pentagon’s Most Expensive Aircraft Just Got Even More Expensive

When the Department of Defense approved Lockheed Martin’s CH-53K King Stallion for Marine Corps use, a leaked decision memo revealed the brand-new heavy-lift helicopters would cost $138.5 million apiece — which, at millions more than the infamously pricey F-35A Lighting II joint strike fighter, makes the King Stallion the most expensive aircraft in the Pentagon’s arsenal.

Now, the helicopter is looking even more costly. On May 9, Bloomberg reported that new King Stallion will cost closer to $144 million apiece, 4% more than the “program acquisition unit cost” projected by the DoD last month, according to Pentagon’s Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation.

To further complicate matters, the aircraft won’t achieve initial combat capacity until the end of 2020, a year later than initially expected.

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WNU Editor: $144 million per helicopter .... and still behind schedule.


RussInSoCal said...

The Marines want this machine badly. It can deliver exactly twice the internal or slung payload of a V-22. Only slower.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise. I wonder if the right-wingers will ever get it.

B.Poster said...


I'm not sure what you mean. I suspect you mean the US military is like very expensive "military porn" that is very hard to operate and completely ineffective against "peer to peer" forces like Russia and China and would last about 10 seconds in a fight against them. Essentially Russia and China laugh hysterically at the impotent and incomptent Americans,

Tney will NOT strive with the USA forever. At some point, Russia, China, or both of tnem will cut off America from being a country fotever.

As a businessman perhaps Donald Trump has now realized what I recognized over twenty years ago. If one recognizing the world's power structure good outcomes are possible. Failure to do so is unlikely to have a good ending.