Friday, May 5, 2017

The Pentagon Is Taking Note On The Growing Iran-North Korean Military Alliance

FOX News: Pentagon eyes Iran-North Korea military connection

When Iran attempted to launch a cruise missile from a “midget” submarine earlier this week, Pentagon officials saw more evidence of North Korean influence in the Islamic Republic – with intelligence reports saying the submarine was based on a Pyongyang design, the same type that sank a South Korean warship in 2010.

According to U.S. defense officials, Iran was attempting to launch a Jask-2 cruise missile underwater for the first time, but the launch failed. Nonproliferation experts have long suspected North Korea and Iran are sharing expertise when it comes to their rogue missile programs.

“The very first missiles we saw in Iran were simply copies of North Korean missiles,” said Jeffrey Lewis, a missile proliferation expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. “Over the years, we've seen photographs of North Korean and Iranian officials in each other's countries, and we've seen all kinds of common hardware.”

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WNU Editor: This North Korean-Iran cooperation has been ongoing for a long time .... Did North Korea Cooperate With Iran In Its Latest Missile Test? (February 4, 2017).


Anonymous said...

I keep saying it. .don't rely on intelligence assessments of what north Korea is capable of doing. It's not just the Iranians but also the Chinese and Russians. A single mistake will change the world order, with the primary beneficiary being the same: China, Russia, Iran and north Korea (north Korea will be destroyed in the response, yes, but the leader will get away and will live a protected life, shielded by these three states who will then rule the world.

fazman said...

Exactly what l said, kim will be holed up in some african or south american country livin like a king , smoking 1000 dollar bills.