Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Story On How An A-10 Pilot And His Plane Survived After Being Hit By A Missile During Operation Desert Storm

We Are The Mighty: Watch one of the baddest A-10 pilots ever land after being hit by a missile

US Air Force Maj. Gen. Paul T. “PJ” Johnson is right up there with the best pilots to have ever flown the A-10.

While serving as a captain during Operation Desert Storm, he was decorated with the Air Force Cross for leading the rescue mission of a downed Navy F-14 Tomcat pilot deep behind enemy lines.

Capt. Johnson was en route from another mission when he received the call to search for the F-14 crew that had been shot down the night before.

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WNU Editor: Here is another great story of survival .... F-15 lands with one wing (Video).

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