Sunday, May 14, 2017

The U.S. Army Wants A Bigger Bullet

Sergeant Christopher L. McCabe fires his rifle during monthly range training. Photo by: Corporal Thomas J. Griffith

Ciro Scotti, Fiscal Times: Why the Army Thinks It Needs a Bigger Bullet

Since current warfare frequently involves combat beyond about 330 yards – that longer than three football fields -- the Army is looking at arming soldiers with ammunition that is lethal at a longer distance.

That would mean replacing the M4/M16 assault rifle with a new carbine, according to the Army Times website. The aim is to provide troops with a weapon and ammo that would increase accuracy and firepower and provide the same number of rounds without adding weight.

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WNU Editor: This debate about bullets has been ongoing for a very long time .... Army and Marine Corps Still Disagree over M16/M4 Bullet ( All that I can say is faster please .... a 5.56 mm bullet no longer cuts it on today's battlefields.


Steven Krische said...

Steven Krische said...

I wish them luck trying to achieve this with their stated goals of the same number of rounds without adding weight. The easiest solution is just going to a heavier bullet like a 69 grain in the same cartridge. If they go with something like the 6.5 grendel, they will need longer barrels, heavier, fewer rounds in a stanag mag.