Thursday, May 18, 2017

US-Led Coalition Strikes Pro-Syrian Government Militia Convoy That Was Approaching U.S. Backed Forces In Southern Syria

Reuters: U.S. strikes Syria militia threatening U.S.-backed forces: officials

The U.S. military carried out an air strike on Thursday against militia supported by the Syrian government that posed a threat to U.S.-backed fighters in the country's south, U.S. officials told Reuters on Thursday.

One of the U.S. officials said the strikes near the town of At Tanf destroyed at least one tank and a bulldozer, and another said it followed warning shots by U.S. aircraft meant to dissuade the fighters from advancing further.

A member of the U.S.-backed Syrian rebel forces told Reuters the strikes hit a convoy of Syrian and Iranian-backed militias that were heading toward a base used by U.S. and U.S.-supported forces.

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Anonymous said...

That's an interesting development...

War News Updates Editor said...

Definitely Anon.

RussInSoCal said...

Good shoot. But seems like a lot of hoopla for 1 or 2 tanks and a bulldozer. I guess its the who and not the what.

Russian and Iranian proxies?

Anonymous said...

There are so many scenarios that could come from this action...The Iraqi army is going to make it to their side of the check point eventually, and don't you think they will be pro Assad? The US will have to install a Sunni militia to keep the Shia out of there because I guess this is a US border crossing now.

Jay Farquharson said...

The airstrikes were in support of the Southern Front jihadi group,

They are papered over as being "moderates" but are allied with Ahar al Sham.