Saturday, May 6, 2017

What's My Take On The Hacked Emails Of French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron

Politico: Macron confirms ‘massive’ hack just ahead of election

The release of email trove stirs up French campaign hours before polls open.

PARIS — French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron tried to build a hack-proof campaign with a detailed plan for preventing a breach.

It didn’t work.

His campaign confirmed late Friday that it was the victim of a “massive and coordinated” cyberattack hours after a large trove of emails purportedly from his political party appeared online.

The news of the hack — which supporters of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen as well as people associated with the alt-right movement in the U.S. pushed on social media under the #macronleaks hashtag — added a surprise twist to the closing moments of a divisive race.

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WNU Editor: I find the timing on the release of these hacked emails curious .... 4 minutes before the French ban on all reporting on the Presidential election. I have also read some of these leaked documents (living in the french province of Quebec, Canada, has taught me to speak french) .... and from what I have read .... even if a portion of it is true, it is very damaging to Emmanuel Macron. Wikileaks believe the content is real and valid .... and they are right to point out that the Macron campaign team has been too quick to claim that the content that has been leaked is fake .... We have not yet discovered fakes in #MacronLeaks & we are very skeptical that the Macron campaign is faster than us (Wikileaks). But will this have an impact on the election .... because of the media ban in France .... my bet is that it will not. And while French social media is alive and well in covering this story .... it is too late in the campaign to have an impact. The big impact will be after the vote .... and if Emmanuel Macron wins the election. He has some explaining to do .... and like I said .... even if a small portion of this leak is true, he has exposed himself to charges of corruption and deliberately misleading officials and .... more importantly .... misleading the French electorate.

Update: This is convenient for Macron .... Le Monde says it will not say anything about the leaked documents until after the election .... Largest French Newspaper Explains Why It Won't Cover The Macron Leaks (Zero Hedge).


Anonymous said...

So it reveals another side of the strategy: not only manipulate outcomes (by letting another candidate of choice for example win), but also to let a country be stuck with a fatally flawed president, hence damaging not only democracy (one could argue fire cleaning it), but also by making efficient governing difficult, inciting chaos and disruption. We - the West - might be under more serious attack than we realise. I'm also pointing out this all happens amid other crisis eg north Korea threatening to nuke the US - backed by China; and serious issues with Russia Iran and Turkey. It might be all coincidence, but it might also be a "realignment" that could cause millions of deaths and trillions of economic loss.

You Vuo said...

This is why Russia should never get help from the EU. Ban and sanctions until the gangsters leave power.

Aizino Smith said...

I know of 2 people, who married women 10 years older than them and the marriage worked.

One of those marriage produced children and was happy.
The other marriage produced no children (just step kids, hers) and the marriage was happy. They guy was a solid guy as a husband and as a foreman.

They say just 2.5% of marriage, where the age difference is 9 years or more last.

"Summer of 42" is the 1st thing I thought of , when I heard of Macron's marriage.

Then there is the fact that Macron is a lying socialist/Liberal. Macron split form the socialist party in France and founded his own party. That is as sleazy as Bill Clinton forming the DLC. It is a new paint job on a crap mobile.

I knew a young professional, who said they may go into politics. Step 1 of their plan was to keep themselves clean of corruption. If all politicians or candidates did so, what could the RUSSSIANS (IF THEY DID THSI) do?

IMO I know 2 things about Macon. His polices are crap and his integrity is crap. And yet he will probably be elected.

Jac said...

I am born in France and I live more than half a century there and I can tell you: no matter who is elected there will be no change. Looks crazy? Yes it is, but that's France. If one of them want to change anything, all the population will be in the street and the government will give up. You can't govern a country which is so much against any change (except for other, of course).

Jay Farquharson said...

Stephen Davenport said...

Macron, is just a clever tool of the socialists to stay in power, he worked for Hollande and was created because Hollande is a dufus. Make no mistake Macron is a lie put out there by the Socialists to win because they cannot win with the S next to their name. Macron is a Socialist, that is a fact.