Tuesday, May 9, 2017

White House Approves Plan To Directly Arm Syrian Kurds Against The Islamic State

BBC: Syria war: US to arm Kurds in battle for Raqqa

US President Donald Trump has approved supplying weapons to Kurdish forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Pentagon says.

Kurdish elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would be equipped to help drive IS from its stronghold, Raqqa, a spokeswoman said.

The US was "keenly aware" of Turkey's concerns about such a move, she added.

Turkey views the Kurdish rebels as terrorists and wants to stop them taking more territory in Syria.

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Anonymous said...

The kurds are not loved by anyone in the middle east for good reasons. I support this move though because it will upset the turks greatly.

Aizino Smith said...

The Kurds needs Stingers or better yet S-18 Iglas and many TOWs.

You know something to keep Erdogan happy and honest.

Something to stick up any Turk's ass, who says "Kurds are really Mountain Turks hah, hah, hah"

Talk about cultural imperislism