Monday, May 29, 2017

Why The Red Lights Flashing In The White House?

Sputnik: Strange White House Strobe Lights: Dance Party, End Times or Signal to Moscow?

On Sunday evening, observers reported seeing strange red strobe lights flashing from a window inside the White House. The mystery light show quickly prompted Twitter users to present their theories about what was really going on. The most popular theories? Dance party, Saudi orb, a sign of end times, and of course, the Russians.

On Sunday at about 8:20 pm, Fox 5 Atlanta reported on strange red lights flashing in the windows of the second-floor of the White House. The light show was reported to have lasted for about 20 minutes before ending as abruptly as it had started. With no official explanation from White House officials forthcoming, internet users quickly took to Twitter to present their own theories.

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WNU Editor: This video went viral, but there is a simple explanation on why this happened .... The real reason red lights were flashing in White House windows (New York Post).

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