Sunday, June 11, 2017

A New Strategy Is Needed To Influence China On North Korea


Captain Steve F. Kime, US Naval Institute: Reduce U.S. Ground Forces in Korea?

China’s role in deterring Kim Jong-un from developing a long-range nuclear delivery capability is very important. But it is how the United States responds to the North’s threat to destroy South Korea that is critical. The Chinese are watching.

China has interests in the consternation that North Korea causes the United States and its allies. The Chinese have managed this situation masterfully for a long time, and so far, nothing has caused them to change their approach. U.S. attempts to persuade Beijing that it is in China’s interest to clamp down on North Korea only will be effective if the Chinese perceive U.S. and allied activity clearly makes the situation unacceptable, even more dangerous, for China.

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WNU Editor: The comments on this article at the US Naval Institute are also worth a read.

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