Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All F-35A Lightning II Jets At Luke Air Force Base Have Been Grounded Indefinitely


FoxTrot Alpha: F-35s At Luke Air Force Base Grounded Indefinitely

On Friday, the U.S. Air Force cancelled all F-35A Lightning II training flights at Luke Air Force Base just outside Phoenix, Arizona after it was reported five pilots had been experiencing hypoxia-like symptoms since May 2. The one-day pause at the base was to further examine the cause and further educate F-35 pilots on the effects of hypoxia. Officials originally stopped short of calling the suspension of flying operations a “grounding” and fully anticipated returning the jets to flying today, but that has not been the case.

The Air Force issued another statement late Monday morning extending the halt in flight operations at the base. It’s another unfortunate development for the perpetually troubled F-35 program, yet hypoxia is a prevalent and dangerous problem among modern aircraft that’s hardly limited to that jet or even the Air Force.

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