Sunday, June 18, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Syria Accuses The U.S.-Led Coalition Of Shooting Down One Of Its Warplanes

FILE PHOTO © Bassam Khabieh / Reuters

Reuters: Syrian army says U.S.-led coalition downed Syrian army plane

The U.S.-led coalition downed a Syrian army jet on Sunday in the southern Raqqa countryside during a Syrian combat mission against Islamic State militants, the Syrian army said.

An army statement released on Syrian state television said the plane crashed and the pilot was missing. It said the incident took place on Sunday afternoon near a village called Rasafah.

The "flagrant attack was an attempt to undermine the efforts of the army as the only effective force capable with its allies ... in fighting terrorism across its territory," it said.

"This comes at a time when the Syrian army and its allies were making clear advances in fighting the Daesh (Islamic State) terrorist group."

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WNU Editor: This is a breaking news story. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

Update: U.S. is confirming that a F/A-18E downed a Syrian Su-22 near Tabqah, says it "dropped bombs near SDF fighters (link here).

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