Thursday, June 15, 2017

Can Someone Be Charged For Obstruction Of Justice Over A Fraud?

U.S. President Donald Trump waits to greet Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos in the White House in Washington, DC, U.S., May 18, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Andrew C. McCarthy, NRO: Can You Obstruct a Fraud?

Maybe Trump objected to the fraudulent notion, which Comey led the world to believe, that Trump was under investigation for collusion.

On March 30, 2017, by his own account, then-FBI director James Comey told President Donald Trump that Trump himself was not under investigation — the third time he had given him that assurance. In fact, Comey told Trump that he had just assured members of Congress that Trump was not a suspect under investigation.

Think about that.

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WNU Editor: Exactly .... think about that. If Congress knew in March that President Trump was not under investigation .... why did they and their allies in the media push an entirely different story .... that there is/was an investigation that Trump colluded with the Russians.

Think about that .... and then read the rest of Andrew C. McCarthy's post.

On a side note .... Stephen L. Carter at Bloomberg is saying what I said last night that leaks from the Special Counsel's office is destroying the investigation .... Leakers Mess With the Trump Investigation (Stephen L. Carter, Bloomberg). The only thing that I would add now is that it is too late .... the entire process has already been tainted. I expect more leaks from the Special Counsel's office .... the only thing that I would then want to know is what will President Trump do.

On another side note .... earlier today I expressed my outrage over this "poisonous" New York Times editorial .... New York Times Editor's Uses Yesterday's Shooting Of GOP Congressmen To Attack Sarah Palin. The New York Times has since issued a "correction" .... but the damage has already been done. Some are now pushing Sarah Palin to sue the New York Times .... Sarah Palin Threatens Lawsuit Against New York Times for ‘Libel and Slander (Washington Free Beacon). And while I know that such lawsuits are difficult to prosecute in the U.S. .... IMHO she does have a good case, and I hope that she proceeds.


Aizino Smith said...

Can you prosecute for obstruction of an investigation for a fraud that the investigators pushed?

Process monkeys would say yes.

B.Poster said...

I hope Mrs. Palin pursues the case as well. This person has been maligned in some of the most vicious ways any person ever has.

While she probaly would not win in such an action, as she lacks the resources to properly carry such a case forward. Americans would be treated to further evidence of the American injustice system which could eventually lead to changes. In any event, Mrs. Palin's attackers will eventually receive justice which they will NOT like, however, it probably won't come at the hands of Mrs. Palin or her family.

Jay Farquharson said...


It's nice to see once again, the Conservative's once again, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have no morals, no ethics, no consience, and stand for nothing except Cleeks Law, beating up on the poor and minorities, and tax cuts for the Rich.

It's like none of the 40 years of Clinton hunting and 8 years of Obama hunting, never happened.


Obstruction of Justice, is a "stand alone" crime, like witness coercion, jury tampering, destruction of evidence.

It doesn't matter if the Trump/Russia Investigation finds anything or not.

The Moron In Chief, brought it on himself.

If the White Supremacy House has stuck to the script, the Rosenstien Letter, there would be no charges, but instead Adolph Twitler and his minions had to boast on social media and in interviews.

So they hung Sessions out to dry.


I also love how the Conservatives keep twisting things up,

Trump/Russia is investigating members of Trumps Campaign and Transition Team for possible collusion with the Russian interference in the US elections and money laundering.

They wern't at the time, investigating Little Big Boy himself, but they are now.


All Hair Furour had to do, was let the investigation proceed, respond to questions with a non-commital, " I am being kept advised of the progress of the Investigation, and it would be improper to comment on an ongoing investigation",

fire the Indited as soon as there is meat in the bun,

and weather the politics of it, because if The Great White Joke kept his mouth shut, his collusion with Russia would be hard to prove.

Now, The Great Orange Bloat and members of his Administration are the focus of a separate criminal investigation.


It would have been no skin off his nose if Manifort, Page, Stone, Flynn, Sessions and Kurshner went to jail over Trump/Russia,

But he's too much of an egotistical, angry, selfcentered, beta Snowflake and a moron to boot.


Anonymous said...

This has gone so far now.. after half a year of innuendo and accusations by CNN and the like, nothing to show for.. just more innuendo and accusations.. where is the freaking evidence? And yeah sure Watergate took 2 years blabla.. but realistically.. this is about stealing the damn presidency by Russia.. it's a bit more important than Nixon with the tapes ffs.. half a year is an eternity in such a case.. if there's evidence I would expect it to come forward a bit sooner.. so, Democrats.. either show it, or own this flaming piece of s*it that's gonna stack up on your front porch

Jay Farquharson said...