Monday, June 19, 2017

China Makes A Leap Forward To Develop A Communications Network That Cannot Be Hacked

China has used a laser on a satellite orbiting 480 kilometres above the earth to produce entangled photons and beam them to stations on the ground. Picture: Cai Yang/Xinhua via ZUMA China sets new record for quantum entanglement en route to build new communication network

CHINA has scored a victory against hackers and spooks as it surges ahead of other world powers in a new kind of space race.

IN A bid to build an entirely new kind of internet — completely secure and impervious to hackers — China has pulled off a major feat in particle physics.

Chinese scientists have set a new distance record for beaming a pair of entangled particles: photons of light that behave like twins and experience the exact same things simultaneously, even though they’re separated by great distances.

The principle is called quantum entanglement and it’s one of the subatomic world’s weirdest phenomena. And China has smashed the distance record for quantum entanglement.

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Update #1: Quantum entanglement, science's 'spookiest' phenomenon, achieved in space -- Chicago Tribune/Washington Post
Update #2: China's quantum leap in space a step toward unhackable communications -- Globe and Mail

WNU Editor: I am not a scientist or physicist .... but from what I understand .... China has made a discovery that will permit it to build a communications network that cannot be hacked.

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Hi, Sorry to use this language but as a physicist, I assure you they are