Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crisis In Venezuela -- News Updates June 1, 2017

L.A. Times: U.S., region's foreign ministers debate Venezuela

The United States and foreign ministers from across the hemisphere met in Washington on Wednesday to attempt to force Venezuela's leftist government and its angry opposition into talks.

Hunger and violence have pushed Venezuela to the brink of humanitarian disaster, diplomats say.

But Wednesday's meeting of the Organization of American States faced unlikely prospects for success: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro does not trust the organization and has said his nation will withdraw its membership.

Some OAS nations, including several U.S. allies in the Caribbean, have criticized the regional body's efforts as intervention promoted by Washington.

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More News On The Ongoing Crisis In Venezuela

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European Union Mulls over Imposing Sanctions on Venezuela’s Maduro -- Latin American Herald Tribune
Venezuela tragedy: 15 images capture a nation's sorrow and turmoil -- L.A. Times
How the Venezuelan Opposition Could Win -- Raul Stolk, The Atlantic

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Jac said...

That's the best proof of the socialism success. I am sure that many liberal American would like to have their life in this great system.
That's why I encourage them to go to Venezuela and stay there.