Friday, June 2, 2017

Germany And France In Talks To Establish A New European Security Force

DW: German, French defense ministers talk new European security force

Germany and France say they are working together toward a European security force. The Franco-German initiative is being viewed as a reaction to US President Donald Trump, but it actually goes back a lot further.

At the press conference in Berlin after their first bilateral meeting, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen and her newly-appointed French colleague Sylvie Goulard started with a few words in each other's language. The message was obvious. France and Germany want to be seen as a unit, working hand-in-hand to make Europe more responsible for its own security.

"We know that our common friendship and common work goes far beyond bilateralism," von der Leyen said. "For both of our countries it's crucial that we create more for Europe and that we work together toward a European defense and security union."

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WNU Editor: The creation of an independent EU army has been ongoing for a very long time. And while this new Franco-German initiative is nothing like that .... it is the first step to put into place the mechanism by which EU states can conduct military exercises and pursue military arrangements independent from NATO.


Anonymous said...

The NYPD could defeat the combined forces of the EU nations

manstien said...

Larry bond wrote a few books long ago relevant today. Some foreshadowing perhaps. Red Phoenix and Cauldron. War in Korea and War in Europe under franco german aggression. Current events with the rise of nationalism make a good read today.

Aizino Smith said...

In the 1990 we watch Serbia go to war with Slovenia for 2 weeks.

That was a wake up call. Did the MoFo __ ing European leaders get the wake up call?

Then there was the prolonged the prolonged war between Croatia and Serbia. We watched as Osijek and Vukovar (I did not have to look those names up. The futility and idiocy of that war is still fresh.) were trashed. Europeans still did not step in.

Then there was the 3 way fight in Herzegovinia. In America we asked why do not the Germans, French and English do something? It is in the back yards. Nothing was done until the U.S. got involved. So I think the Europeans snobs are a quarter century later and are still not there.

It was a mistake to attack the Serbs. The Muslims had plenty of blood on their hands. Helping the Muslims there did not in anyway help us with the ummah. It did help Al Qaeda however in Bosnia.

To sum up the European snob politicians were totally fucking worthless, when it came to Yugoslavia

RussInSoCal said...

Sounds like a mil force that will be utterly paralyzed by bureaucratic dithering.

Si-vis-pasen- said...

How long in till this idiots roll out their first electric main battle tank,that looks like a Toyota Prius.

Jay Farquharson said...

A EU combined military was in the works for decades,

Two key issues stopped it ever getting off the ground,

Germany wanted to ensure it would never be used as a Colonial Expeditionary Force, France wanted be able to use the Force to prop up friendly Governments in it's ex-Colonies, and Britain didn't want to have to pay any money into the program.

NATO made it redundent for actual European Defence.

Adolf Twitler's made it clear that alliance agreements with the US are now worthless,

Britain's out of the EU.

Like the Paris Accords, the world is moving on and the US is being left behind.

Aizino Smith said...

It was France and Italy that talked BamBam into killing Qadaffi.

Even as recently as 6 years ago the EU could do nothing.

Jay Farquharson said...


Coelition of the Willing,


Aizino Smith said...

"I'm being decapitated by my own SKULL: Mother-of-two is given just a month to live because her spine is being crushed by the weight of her head"

Another failure of British Medicine