Friday, June 2, 2017

Has The U.S. Been Fighting The Islamic State With The Wrong Bombs And Tactics?

An full load of GBU-38/Bs under the wing of a B-52 bomber. USAF

Joseph Trevithick, The Drive: USAF Fought ISIS With the Wrong Bombs and Tactics For Months

The service quickly found that what had worked for years in Afghanistan meant failed strikes in Iraq and Syria.

No matter how well prepared a military is, it’s never easy to shift direction rapidly to respond to new threats. One U.S. Air Force briefing suggests Pentagon’s rush to counter ISIS in Iraq and Syria sent the service scrambling to find the right mix of tactics and weapons, with nearly 20 percent of its bombs failing to achieve the desired effect within the first four months of the bombing campaign and potentially contributing to an ongoing shortfall of certain bombs and missiles.

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WNU Editor: I know that the USAF has a large inventory of different bombs .... but I was never aware it was this big.

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