Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hillary Clinton Continues To Criticise President Trump

Asa Mathat. Recode

FOX News: Hillary Clinton claims Trump unleashed 'dangerous' levels of hate

NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton warned Thursday that President Donald Trump has unleashed a level of hate and vitriol that is "incredibly dangerous."

The former Democratic presidential nominee lashed out at the Republican president as she reflected on the 2016 campaign during an appearance at book industry conference in New York City.

Clinton said Trump encouraged his supporters to express their anger verbally and physically during the campaign, a reference to multiple incidents of violence at Trump rallies. She likened the president's strategy to that of leaders in Bosnia and Rwanda who enflamed cultural tensions to win power.

"That is incredibly dangerous," she said. "That is unleashing a level of vitriol, and defensiveness, hatred, that I don't think we should tolerate."

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WNU Editor: After seeing her explanation on why she lost yesterday .... Hillary Clinton Unloads And Lists The Reasons Why She Lost The Election (May 31, 2017) .... especially where she pinned some of the blame on a Macedonian data company for her loss .... U.S. Senator Al Franken probably has a point .... Franken: Clinton should ‘move on’ from election loss (Yahoo News). But I do understand why she is upset .... I would be too. Her political resume was extensive .... while Trump was someone who had never even won a school board election. She had an enormous campaign war chest .... Donald Trump had little if any money. She had a huge campaign team .... Donald Trump's team was small and divided. She focused on the issues that were important to her while making sure her that messaging was always on point .... Donald Trump had a disorganised message where he would state that he would make America great again .... and a few minutes later talk about why Macy's stock collapsed after they had refused to sell his merchandise. She had 6 or 7 lawyers/media specialists examining every tweet that she sent out .... Donald Trump had .... Donald Trump. She had the Democrat Party behind her, the media behind her, the establishment behind her, and a massive ground game. Donald Trump had .... a Republican establishment that went out of its way to avoid him. A media that was overwhelmingly hostile. No establishment support. And a ground game that was small or non-existent. So yeah .... if I was Hillary Clinton .... I would be pissed.

Update: Even CNN is telling her to move on .... CNN Mocks Hillary Clinton for Not Letting Go of 2016.

Update #2: A prediction .... in the coming weeks the media is going to gradually distance themselves away from her ... and that will be the end of her political career.


Jac said...

How is it possible to be so blind? Of course she has the support of media, Democratic party and so on, but all of them was completely disconnected from the American people.
Why Trump win? Because he was smart enough to read the poll and see that 80% of the people distrust politician's. And I remember he was hammering "I am not a politician" and the people like that.

Jay Farquharson said...


A brand new Clinton Rule created just for Hillary,


"One of the main reasons that the media has invented a non-existent “tradition” that losing candidates vanish permanently from public life is that Clinton is pointing out that the media’s coverage of the 2016 campaign was dismal, and her argument is unassailably accurate. Behold Chris “EMAILS!” Cillizza"


Jac said...

Jay, no matter who are right or not, the Hillary Clinton posture is a little bit "low class". And I say that not because I don't like Hillary (except she has always her hands on the gun) but I think she has a better level of mind than to blame everybody except her.

Jay Farquharson said...


You know she won the popular vote by more than 2.9 million votes, despite:

FBI interference in an election against one Cantidate,
The collusion of Russia, members of the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks to hype Emails nothingburger,
The flooding of US Social Media of Russian trolls, bots, infometrics and fake news,
The 40 year campaign by the Media of enforcing the Clinton Rules,


RussInSoCal said...

Jay, for all the "LMFAO" you type on this blog, I think its actually more of a gnashing of teeth thing.

/or maybe in your case, mandibles.

Stop gnashing your mandibles off, Jay!


TWN said...

I know a sore loser when I see one and old beast woman is certainly one, I have never heard this level of whining, by biased news and the cry babies on the left, just suck it up and live. It just politics we elect people from the elites and they tax us and give us phony choices, phony left and right , phony issues to divide everyone, while steal/tax to pay for crap we don't care about.

Jay Farquharson said...

Nope, back in August last year, Canada quietly added climate change to the Refugee and Immigration Act,

Cover's everybody but 'Murkins.

I'm LMFAO harder than I did during the Bush II years as Amercican's proceed to destroy America.

Jay Farquharson said...