Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hypersonic Weapons Could Change The Face Of Warfare

The Drive: Here's How Hypersonic Weapons Could Completely Change the Face of Warfare

Missiles and aircraft zipping around at Mach five and above could dramatically change how military forces attack and defend.

Imagine an enemy deciding to attack from 1,000 miles away. Now, imagine you have less than 15 minutes to react and may not even see their missile coming in the first place. This is the potential threat posed by so-called “hypersonic weapons,” which can fly as fast as a mile a second and low enough to evade many existing defenses.

Though there is much attention given to the expanding threat of ballistic missiles, especially from countries such as Iran and North Korea, American military officials are increasingly concerned about hypersonic weapons. Though the basic concept isn’t by any means new, technological advancements have made the notion of gliders and air-breathing vehicles flying at Mach 5 or faster significantly viable, with the United States, Russia, and China all actively experimenting with such designs.

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WNU Editor: I recall reading years ago a remark from President Bill Clinton when he answered a question on why did he not take-out Osama Bin Laden when he had the chance to do so. His answer was that when he received confirmation that Bin Laden was at a compound in Afghanistan, it was already too late for him to order a launch of cruise missiles to take him out. But what he said after that is what I remember the most .... he wished that he had a conventional weapon system that once he had given the order to proceed .... from launch time to hitting its target it would be one hour or less. Well .... hypersonic weapons will make that a reality


Anonymous said...

In the hands of Trump, this is a dangerous thing. He's just too impulsive. I hope the presidential powers act will cover these weapons, so we don't have to worry about him getting angry at x and causing a major incident... the goods thing about the tomahawks in syria was that it takes a lot of time, but more importantly a lot of people to plan, program, deliver and launch these things. If those people are cut out of the loop more and more by easier and faster to launch weapons we have a problem. I don't want weapons to be a convenient answer. They must absolutely and forever remain the most difficult,expensive and burdensome answer

Hans Persson said...

Anon, its people like you that makes me hate anti-trumpers..

Aizino Smith said...

A silkworm missile can cross 15 nautical mile plenty fast. Around 1.3 minutes.

Hypersonic will make it worse?

On another note "Leftist anon" is just plain stupid.