Monday, June 19, 2017

If The U.S. Bombed Iran What Would Happen In The Minutes And Hours After The Bombing

Mike Pearl, VICE News: What Would Happen in the Hours and Minutes After the US Bombed Iran?

Here's how it might go down, according to a trio of experts.

Donald Trump predicted back in 2013 that the US would eventually go to war with Iran. At the time, Trump was merely a rich guy and right-wing gadlfy criticizing Secretary of State John Kerry on FOX News, but later, as a presidential candidate then a president, his rhetoric and policies have been strikingly antagonistic.

Trump promised to renegotiate Barack Obama's signature deal with Iran on nuclear weapons during the 2016 campaign, and though he hasn't done that, he has staffed his White House with people hostile toward Iran. That includes Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who has implied that Iran and ISIS are on friendly terms.

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WNU Editor: The last sentence of this post sums up would be happening .... "It can become very messy very very quickly, and spread the conflict across the world".


RussInSoCal said...

A giant deafening silence.

Fusion said...

B. Poster: the conplete and utter destruction of the US of A as we know it.