Friday, June 16, 2017

In A Country That Limits And Controls Internet Access, Cuba Has A Military Cyber Command Center

NBC: Inside Cuba’s Military Cyber Command

On a quiet palm tree-lined street in a residential area of Havana, there is a beige house that looks like any other — only this house is a military cyber security center.

Earlier this week, Cuban officials took NBC News there to meet exclusively with the center's commander, Lt. Col. Yohanka Rodriguez. The rare access came only days before President Trump will announce measures to make it much tougher for Americans to travel or do business in Cuba, fulfilling a key campaign promise to roll back Obama administration policy towards Cuba.

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WNU Editor: NBC Nightly News’ reporter Andrea Mitchell opens the above video with the declaration that Cuba is "open for business". What?!?!?!?! I have been to Cuba a number of times .... if that is her description of "opening for business" .... she is turning a blind eye to the incredible poverty that exists there. And her remarks that new restrictions from President Trump may hurt those who are struggling to have a better life in Cuba .... please .... Trump is not the one that is hurting them ..... it is the Cuban government. But the best is the last .... her claim that if the U.S. does not move in, the Russians will follow. Memo to Andrea Mitchell .... this is the official Russian view of today`s Cuba .... Russia's Energy Minister Admits That Cuba Is 'Broke' (May 30, 2017).

As for her report on this "military cyber command center" .... that place did not even come close to looking like a "military command center". I am willing to wager that it is a center that is monitoring the limited internet traffic of its citizens as well as the tourists who are using the web at the many hotels that are there .... hotels that even Andrea Mitchell admits are owned by the military and other security agencies.

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