Friday, June 16, 2017

Iran Is Determined To Have A Land Corridor To Beirut

The Guardian: From Tehran to Beirut: Shia militias aim to firm up Iran's arc of influence

Iranian plans to secure ground routes across Iraq and Syria and being shored up by proxies driving Isis from the region

The town of Ba’aj is deserted and broken. Its streets are blocked by overturned cars, its shops are shuttered and the iron gates of its ravaged homes groan in a scorching wind.

Amid the wreckage, though, are the signs of new arrivals – forces who less than a week earlier chased Islamic State (Isis) from one of its most important territories in northern Iraq.

Spraying graffiti and planting their battle colours, they have wasted little time in staking their claim to a place that had mattered little in the sweep of Iraq’s modern history, but which is set to be pivotal from this moment on.

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WNU Editor: The impression that I had from reading this article is that Iran is not only determined to have a "highway" that it controls which will enable it to reach Beirut and the Mediterranean .... but to also expel/drive out the Sunni populations along this route. If this is the case (and I am hoping that I am wrong) .... this is not going to end the war ... on the contrary .... it will only breed the next one.

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Jac said...

Iran as an Hitlerian's strategy. As in the 30's we see it and do nothing. "Bravo" we are mature for the worse.