Friday, June 9, 2017

Iranian Drone Tracks A U.S. Drone Over Syria (Video)

Military Times: Iranian drone footage purportedly shows U.S. drone in its sights

A video shared by Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV Wednesday purportedly shows footage of an American drone being tracked by an Iranian drone over Syria. The footage shows what appears to be a Predator drone in the sights of what is claimed to be an Iranian drone over Tanf, Syria, the site of a border crossing into Iraq.

The voice-over in Farsi states that “this is an American drone” and that it had been identified by the Iranian drone, which tracked it undetected. The voice-over continues, “we could shoot you down anytime, but we take pity on you.” The video was tweeted by Dalati, a BBC foreign news producer covering Syria & the wider conflict since 2012.

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WNU editor: No indication on when this video was produced. But we do know that U.S. shot down a  non-U.S.-coalition drone in the skies over eastern Iraq this week .... U.S. aircraft shoots down pro-Syrian government drone, Pentagon says (Military Times).

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