Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is Hillary Clinton 'Breaking-Down"

Hillary Clinton addresses her staff and supporters about the results of the U.S. election at a hotel in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., November 9, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Andrew Malcolm, McClatchy: The sad spectacle of Hillary Clinton’s slow-motion breakdown

Hillary Clinton seems to have launched yet another political campaign in 2017, one to convince Americans that they absolutely did the right thing by not electing her president in 2016.

Which is not to say the victorious alternative was ideal either.

But the ongoing public Clinton struggle with herself is alienating even supporters, and it’s crippling the required remodeling and rejuvenation of her aged Democrat Party that needs a very long rehab at some political spa.

The only thing disunited Democrats have going for them right now is an undisciplined president and Republican disunity.

There’s no end in sight either for such self-imposed scab-picking; Clinton has not one but two books coming out this fall that will put her on stage after stage across the country with obsequious hosts feeding the Clinton ego with continuous curiosity about her thoughts and doings. Oh, and how in the world could Donald Trump have won?

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WNU Editor: I do not think she is breaking down. She no longer has her handlers, and what we are seeing is the "unscripted" version of who she really is. And what do I see .... I see a person who is not happy with what has happened .... and I do not blame her. She went into the 2016 election with a united Democrat Party. A massive funding advantage. The main stream media and the social media giants (or at least their owners and most of the employees) supporting her. She had the ground game. The organisation. The political CV. In short ... she had it all. And who did she lose to .... she lost to one of the most disorganised campaigns in living memory and to a candidate that is truly an outsider to how the game is played. I just cannot make this up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Americans who are not Republican were pissed off that an obvious grifter was forced on them and they have no real choice of whom to vote for in the election? Regardless of who leaked the DNC memos, they showed how awful they really were and how greedy and nasty they are in real life. American's just could not vote for her.

America now acts like a third world kleptocrascy. Thank you both parties!

Anonymous said...

She did not have a united democratic party. Wnu - she ran against Bernie and there were many "Bernie or bust" people, remember? Then Sarah Silverman's (a Bernie lover but ultimately Clinton backer) "you're being ridiculous".. and for a short moment the democratic party was able to look across the rift. .but then just a few days later the hacked emails showed how debbie Wassermann schulz and other leading figures of the DMC showed how they conspired against Bernie and how Clinton received answers ahead of town talks from CNN hosts. If it wasn't for Bernie's gracious and patriotic rallying behind Clinton to bring the democratic party together, it would have been over then and there. Clinton destroyed the party through corruption and entitlement feelings. She had about 6 months now to make her point. ..time for her to bow out, I have had enough of her. ..I'll never forget when she dais she landed under sniper fire at Kosovo (or a closeby place) several years ago. ..then a video appeared showing there was no sniper fire. .just a girl greeting her with flowers at the airport. ..those are the lies of hillary Clinton. ..All about corruption and character flaws. Having said that, I can't wait until Trump leaves office either

Anonymous said...

Lol different anon thinking alike :)

fred lapides said...

a pile up of anons! cute. just remember this little piece of reality
1. Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump
2. Trump, not only became the president, but we now have the House, The Senate, the Supreme Court all in GOP control: and no legislation of any importance has been passed; instead, Trump has discarded Obama initiatives.
3. The Trump presidency is in deep trouble it seems, with at least 4 separate investigations going on.
4.In so short a time we have lost much respect from our allies and nations world wide.
5.In sum: Hillary may be having a breakdown (I doubt it) but so too our nation is having a breakdown

Anonymous said...

Fred... I don't disagree with you. I despise Trump - he's a terrible president so far. All I am saying is she didn't have a united democratic party (as outlined above) and she had serious character flaws, including lying about bravery, running an email server (even Comey, the FBI director at that time, who Democrats now love again, went out of his way to call her, and I quote "reckless"), self-entitlement, clearly health issues as was shown over and over again, was for the IRAQ war (yes, Trump somewhat to, but at the time at least he was a civilian/business man, while she -was- the government, she got all the Intel, he didn't),etc. ..
Trump is terrible, and I wouldn't have voted for him either. The two party system sucks. And don't give me the power of hindsight, or we know for sure hillary wouldn't have been a worse president. She was involved in so many lies and scandals and showed clear and serious character flaws, and even health flaws. How could anyone want her? Instead of Trump? Not sure I'd want her to be in that seat either. We might be at war with Russia if she was president. You know it's a possibility considering how much Putin and Clinton hated each other after the Hitler comment she made (again terrible judgment. would she ever work with him when she called him that? Being called Hitler is not the same in the US as it is in Russia. ..and after all those years of power and political CV, she just doesn't know what to do and what not to do). So, Fred.. Just because Trump won - a candidate I didn't like and wrote lengthy about and against him - I don't need to take your BS just because your terrible candidate lost and we can't see what she'd have fucked up by now.
And consider this: until there's evidence Trump actually colluded with Russians,it's all in your head.
Guess what's proven? That hillary got townhall questions in advance from a CNN cohost/contributor. That's on record. To me that's cheating. So now we have Comey saying she's reckless, I'd add incompetent to it if you look at the emails she wrote and received and the amount of devices she lost and couldn't find and turn back in (13!!), and the sniper lie (lie about bravery is the worst in my book), and on and on. ...