Monday, June 12, 2017

Is President Trump Using His Office To Unjustly Enrich Himself?

New York Times: Maryland and D.C. Sue Trump Over His Private Businesses

In a new legal challenge to President Trump, the Democratic attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Monday claiming that the president’s failure to shed his businesses has undermined public trust and violated constitutional bans against self-dealing.

The complaint, filed in a Maryland federal court, makes many of the same arguments in a lawsuit filed earlier this year by a Washington watchdog organization in a New York federal court. But some legal experts said the new suit may progress farther because the plaintiffs were government entities, which could have stronger standing to sue the president.

It is part of a broader, coordinated effort by the president’s critics to force him to defend his continued ownership of his business empire. Some congressional Democrats are expected to file a third lawsuit arguing the president’s behavior is also unconstitutional.

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WNU Editor: I have said more than once in this blog that if there is an issue that President Trump's opponents should focus on, it is the President' refusal to not distance himself away from his business interests. Hillary Clinton's ties to the Clinton foundation and the money that the foundation was receiving from overseas was put under scrutiny where it hurt her politically .... the same scrutiny should apply to President Trump. My prediction .... President Trump is not going to budge. He ran an election where he told his supporters that his tax returns were private .... and many of his voters agreed with that position. Flash forward to today .... this issue is now in the courts, where I expect it is going to take a few years before any resolution comes out from it (if any).

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Aizino Smith said...

This is not aimed at WNU.

Fuck that shit!

"In 1981, Carter returned to Georgia to his peanut farm, which he had placed into a blind trust during his presidency to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. He found that the trustees had mismanaged the trust, leaving him more than one million dollars in debt."

"Hillary Clinton's ties to the Clinton foundation and the money that the foundation was receiving from overseas was put under scrutiny where it hurt her politically .... "

I do not believe that it did. If that was the deciding issue, Hillary would have won. Donald won because of the border wall. Hillary's Whitewater scam, her cattle futures scam, and all the other stuff mattered not one wit to liberals, err rubes, or 'moderates' (weather vain voters), who sit on the fence until the press tells them how to vote or the wind blows this way or that.

You could own nothing and the Goldman Sachs types could own you and pay you later in $400K increments.

As Rush put it, professional politicians 'structure' their finances to 'present' it to the public a certain way. with all that fastidious propriety most of them seem to get rich beyond their IQ, wisdom or work ethic. the professional politician does not have a leg to stand on. Fuck the professional pol.

P.S. Pol is a dirty 3 letter word. We use it to describe politicians we hate or pols in general.