Monday, June 12, 2017

Is The Special Counsel Investigation Led By Robert Mueller On The Trump Campaign Already Tainted?

Former FBI Director James Comey, left, was fired last week. Now his good friend and predecessor at the bureau, Robert Mueller, has been appointed special counsel for an investigation into Trump associates' alleged links with the Russians. (Joshua Roberts, Molly Riley/Reuters)

Legal Insurrection: Robert Mueller should step aside: Friends shouldn’t be investigating friends

James Comey tainted the Special Counsel investigation.

The Special Counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller barely has gotten off the ground, and already there is a stench.

That stench was created by former FBI Director James Comey, who admitted in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he leaked, through a friend, memoranda purporting to document improper conversations between Donald Trump and Comey. Most important among those conversations was a February 14, 2017, one-on-one meeting in which Trump supposedly told Comey that Trump “hoped” that Comey would see fit to “let go” of the investigation into Michael Flynn.

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Update #1: Comey and Mueller Have a History as a Deep State Tag Team (Clarice Feldman, American Thinker)
Update #2: Is Robert Mueller conflicted in Trump probe? (Byron York, Washington Examiner)

WNU Editor: As I had mentioned in a post yesterday, people are getting nervous .... Some People Are Getting Nervous On What Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Doing And His Connections To James Comey (June 11, 2017). A day later .... this concern is no longer just isolated to a few blogs (like this one) .... it is now at the next level where major blogs and websites are now wondering how can an investigation be impartial when two of the principles know each other this closely. As to what is my take .... what started as concerns over Russian interference in the election .... something that this blog has been covering non-stop since the beginning .... is now appearing to be about the interactions between Comey and Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has known James Comey for years .... working closely since 9/11 .... so how he not avoid giving the appearance that the entire process has now being tainted. In other words .... can he investigate his own friend? As for Acting Attorney General Rosenstein who appointed Robert Mueller to lead this special investigation .... he has some serious explaining to do. To begin .... did he know that former FBI Director James Comey and Robert Mueller have know each other for 15 years .... and did he not think this would be a problem if the center of the investigation would shift to Comey. Again .... can a friend investigate a friend? In my world the answer is no .... but I guess in their world the answer is slightly "convoluted".


Jay Farquharson said...


Hair Twitler appointed Sessions recused himself because he's a locus of the Investigations,

The Hair Twitler appointed Rosenstien, as Deputy AG, appointed well regarded former FBI Agent Meuller to lead the Investigation,

Hair Twitler and the Trumpista's all praised the appontment of a serious, seasoned, professional like Meuller to lead the Investigations.

Now of course, with Meuller adding a professional team and actually starting to investigate, and with Trump firing Comey, as he tweeted, for not spiking the Trump/Russia Investigations, when Adolph Twitler ordered him to,

And as Comey and Meuller know each other and have personal/professional relationships based on their long service in the FBI,

The Usual Suspects are trying to delegitimise Meuller.


Aizino Smith said...

Jackass Jay is Laughing his ass off.

P.S. He'll need another butt transplant.

Comey threatened to resign during the Bush administration. He said he would take Mueller too.

That puts everything in a different light. I like others had no knowledge of Mueller, when the special counsel started except the mavens of smart said he was above reproach. Now 30 million or more of the electorate know that Comey and Mueller go way back and are as thick as thieves.

The Democrats will get a drubbing in 2018 or worse.

JabberJay can say whatever he wants. This Comey dossier went out to over 40 million voters.

Jay Farquharson said...


So much for your fake concern about Christians in the Middle East.

Here it is 6 month's after Y'all Quida declared that the Trump's Treason was nothingburger, that it would all be over in mere day's, and the only person that would be arrested, would be "Killary",

Funny, Hillary Rodham Clinton's doing just fine.

When member's of Team Trump start going to jail for treason, I'm gonna laugh my ass off even more,

Gullibillies and Trumpista's, by going all in on Little Big Boy, will have exposed themselves as traitors as well, 'cause when the choice was Trump/Russia, or the good ol USA, you guys chose Trump and Putin.

LMFAO still, and months and years more to go.

Turns out the self labeled "Real American's" wern't even American's at all.


Aizino Smith said...

Hillary is losing it and some future Shakespeare is going to immortalize it.

Jay Farquharson said...


Extra weak,

Right out of North Korea,


Aizino Smith said...

Hillary rode Bill to the White House.

That horse is now swaybacked and blown.

Poor Hillary can't go anywhere.

Jay Farquharson said...

The Clinton Foundation just got another bunch of International Awards for their Charity work,

The Trump Foundation just got another criminal investigation for ripping off Kids with Cancer,


Aizino Smith said...

Hillary or Bill would not last 5 seconds in Haiti without an armed escort.

Many a Haitian protest of the Clinton Foundation.