Monday, June 5, 2017

Is The U.S. Becoming Isolationist?

Washington Post: In Australia, Mattis and Tillerson address growing concerns about American isolationism

SYDNEY — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met here Monday with senior Australian officials, stressing that despite the Trump administration’s withdrawal from key environmental and trade agreements, the relationship between their countries will remain strong.

Tillerson, asked what he will do to address “pockets of doubt” about American isolationism under President Trump, said “that’s why we’re here.” Despite Trump withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and then the Paris climate agreement last week, the two countries will remain closely aligned on many issues, Tillerson said.

“In terms of addressing those concerns, this is how we address them: to travel to the region to meet with our counterparts and to talk about all the issues that are important to them, and to hear concerns they have about the administration and its position, relative to whether it be security issues, or economic and trade issues,” he said.

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Update: U.S. looks to reassure allies as concerns grow about American global role (Reuters).

WNU Editor: Is the U.S. becoming isolationist? I think it depends on the issue. On an issue like Afghanistan .... probably an elevated role. As the war nears an end for the Islamic State .... probably a diminished role. On trade .... more bilateral ties and less of a multi-state approach. On issues like global warming, the United Nations, etc. .... a focus on U.S. priorities and concerns and not on what the collective wants.


Aizino Smith said...

Meteorologist Anthony Watts believes in man-caused global warming.

If I remember correctly he believes it is 1/3rd or 1 .4th of what the alarmists, grifters, and rent seekers say it is.

Then there is a few other important points.

As Chris Wallace pointed out in his interview of the LIBERAL & Grifter Al Gore, were are already past the point of no return over a year ago. He put the liar on the spot. The liar that got a D in science in college BTW. So when scientist speak, he obviously knows which one is correct.

Funny but during all that time India and China went full steam ahead replacing any cuts we made and then raising us many metric tons of CO2. We were given the lame ass excuse me I mean liberal excuse that they are developing and therefore it is okay if it takes us over the theoretical/claimed carbon tipping point.

Another point is the cost. Is it worth ruining many economies to maybe gain a few inches? there are many cost overruns and schedule delays in what the alarmists say.

It has been pointed out that Miami should be under water by now. It is not and no liberal has been brought to account.

Their prediction have been shit for the last 3 decades.

They have been off for 3 decades, but they promise to make it up during the next 3 decades. If the predictions are false, they will be dead, and their descendants will be rich and powerful and your descendants will be beggared. So what could be done at that point?

Could we get a 'clawback' of the ill gotten gains of the Al Gores and others of the world.

Another point is how the founder of the Weather Channel made predictions about cloud cover and the all knowing alarmists called bullshit. He was just a meteorologist they said. Then CERN proved him right. Sooo the alarmist modelers left a little something-something out.

Jay Farquharson said...

The McMaster/Cohn op ed in the WSJ lays out the Trump Doctrine.

All relationships, military/political and economic with the US are to become transactional and conditional.

Writ large, South Korea for example, will have to pay cost plus for protection against the NORK's, and if the Trumpista's who can't do basic math in a budget,

Lie about basic facts and figures:

Or just make shit up:

Decide that defending South Korea in a war will cost too much, then the Defence Agreement is null and void.

Given that other Regional Players can actually provide deals a lot cheaper, and will actually honour their commitments, looks like Merkel is right.

It will be interesting to watch how fast America First becomes America Alone.

NAFTA negotiations start in August. Still no Trump Commerce Nominee, still no Trump Trade nominee.

Aizino Smith said...

Conditional instead of being n taken for granted and taken advantage of?

Heavens to Betsy!