Friday, June 9, 2017

Is The U.S. Creeping Toward War Against Syria And Its Allies?

Photos of Strykers and up-armored Humvees flying U.S. flags were posted on social media over the weekend after the U.S. regional command confirmed that Special Forces troops in Syria had moved toward Manbij. (Qalaat Al Mudiq/Twitter)

Business Insider: The US is edging ever closer to fighting ISIS, Assad, and his backers — all at the same time

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria launched its third strike in as many weeks on pro-regime forces inside a deconfliction zone around al Tanf, near a border crossing in Syria's southeast desert.

Two US officials told CNN that Thursday's strike came after three vehicles were seen entering the deconfliction zone, and two of the vehicles were hit when they were 24 miles from the base at al Tanf.

Following that engagement, a US aircraft downed a pro-regime drone that was dropping bombs near coalition troops.

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More News On Concerns That The U.S. Is "Slowly Creeping" Into A War Against Syria And Its Allies?

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Aizino Smith said...

Between Syria and Saudi Arabia, if one of them is losing too badly they will go toward open conflict.

I would say that Iran is more inclined to do this although they appear (are) to be winning in Syria. Iran has there boys in Brooklyn and Dearbornistan casing the place.

Are they feeling their oats?
Are they feeling the pinch?
Are the casing the place, putting the research on the shelf and waiting for a later date (or contingency).

Their boys were also at the Panama Canal.

Paraguay Argentinian and Brazilian border is already a Muslim hell hole. God knows how many Iranians there. It was a hell hole 5 decades ago.

Then the Chavista opened up Venezuela to the Iranians. Maybe Danny Glover met some?