Thursday, June 8, 2017

James Comey Hearings (Live)

WNU Editor: This post will be on top until the end of the hearings.

Update: If anyone wanted to prove that the FBI had become politicised under the former Director, this is it .... Comey hearing: Former FBI director says he helped reveal details of conversations with Trump to spur special counsel appointment (Washington Post).

Update #2: After listening to this for two hours I can say the following. Bottom line .... nothing is going to change. He gave enough crumbs to the Democrats/progressives/media/never Trumpers that President Trump is (fill in the bank) .... thereby continuing the narrative of Trump and Russia. For those who support Trump .... the former FBI Director gave them some crumbs to say that Trump has been vindicated. What's my take .... when the former FBI Director said in today's testimony that no one stopped him from continuing his investigations .... I said to myself .... there goes the obstruction of investigation charge that many have been branding about for the past few weeks as grounds for Trump's impeachment.

Update #3: Just a got flash while watching his testimony. Everyone is making the assumption that the former FBI Director is telling the truth. I say why? For all we know .... he is the one who is lying. But I like I said above .... nothing is going to change.

Update #4: I have said this before .... and after listening to James Comey's testimony this morning I feel validated .... Washington does not understand President Trump ... how he talks, his mannerism, his behaviour, and his views on government. Donald Trump is many things but he is not a politician .... and it took me a long time to realise this. I think this is one of many reasons why Donald Trump has problems when it comes to working with the political establishment .... they just do not speak the same language. Now in the case of James Comey .... I can now understand why he behaved the way that he did .... to him .... Donald Trump is from Mars.

Update #5: Senator Rubio said something that I have to give him credit for. Quoting him .... a lot of leaks that have come out of the FBI give the impression that they were thought about, strategised (see update #1), and released for maximum impact. BUT .... the only leak that never got released was the one in which the FBI was NOT investigating President Trump. Why was that?

Update #6: I have been hearing a lot of answers from the former FBI Director where he is saying that he cannot respond/answer in a public forum. Fair enough. However .... and I am the first to admit that I could be wrong .... but every-time he was saying that I was saying to myself that the answer would only (probably) vindicate President Trump.

Update #7: They are now in a closed session. I have had enough of this. This is what I learned from this testimony this morning. The Democrats hated this a guy a few months ago .... but they now want to hug him. But I digress. More importantly .... Trump was never a target. Trump did not obstruct the investigation. And former FBI Director Comey based his entire investigation on a faked British Russian document. And .... more important to him .... he feels that he has been defamed and in turn the FBI was defamed too. Sorry .... the FBI does not belong to you. Trump is the boss and he fired you .... accept it. Enough is enough. Back to the real world. Regular blogging will resume in a few minutes.

Update #8: More lies from CNN. Just took a small lunch break and CNN is saying that President Trump is under investigation. He is not.

Update #9 This will be ignored by the press .... Comey said Loretta Lynch told him not to call the Clinton email probe an 'investigation' (CIRCA).

Update #10: Some have commented on this blog that the press is covering the Loretta Lynch story, and that my Update #9 is inaccurate. It was only after I had posted my Update #9 that I noticed this coverage, and I actually applauded it on the comment feed at 4:51 PM .... saying that it is about time. So yes .... I did noticed it .... and I did comment on it.


You Vuo said...

Well Well Well ...WMU no Russia hacking, no data, etc

Comey "...the russians do it ..."

Lets see what you are going to "fake" write regarding the US Elections Hacking Fraud

Russians gov workers = liars

War News Updates Editor said...

I am watching the hearings You Vuo

On the allegations of Russia hacking .... which they did not do .... at best it is was a phishing attack on Podesta's email account and its contents given to Wikileaks. There is nothing new on Russia.

The only new information that has come out of his testimony so far is that Comey did not write any memos when he met President Obama .... nor did he keep any paperwork when he interviewed Hillary Clinton over her email server. I find that very interesting.

B.Poster said...

Let's say the Russians did "hack" the election which is unlikely given that the Russians already know what to expect from any of the possible candidates for POTUS and America really isn't important enough in the grand scheme of things to a major world power like Russia to waste the time and energy to "hack" it's elections.

In short, little upside benefits along with substantial downside risks in doing such, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, alt least not on a big enough scale to influence the election. The Russians are many things, some good and some bad. One thing they are NOT is stupid. doing things that have little to no benefit along with huge costs is the very definition of stupid.

Now lets say in a fit of rage the Russians did hack the election, why would they do such a thing? Lets see here. 1.)Endless "color revolutions" in former Soviet Republics supporting leaders hostile to Russia. 2.)Numerous NGOs hostile to the Russian government operating within Russia. 3.)Expansion of NATO to Russia's borders when part of the agreement to end Cold War 1 was that this would NOT happen. 4.) Support of the coup against the Ukrainian government that was not hostile to Russia in favor of a government that is hostile to Russia. 5.)Imposing sanctions against Russia hurting the Russian people and reinforcing the idea in their minds and the minds of the leader that America wishes to hurt them.

I could go on, however, this would be sufficient for anyone to be a bit upset. As such, "blowback" would be expected. Frankly, given the situation, the blowback has been more muted than would generally be expected. As the Russians STILL seem willing to negotiate they would naturally gravitate toward the candidate/candidates they respect and those that respect them. Hence, they would back an "outsider" who is not responsible for these policies.

I might also add, serial interventions in foreign electoral processes by the American government and its representatives has numerous people around the world up in arms. As such, blowback would be expected.

Of course if someone buys into the ridiculous nonsense of America being "indispensable" or "exceptional" someone might think the laws of nature simply don't apply to them. Fortunately few Americans buy into such ridiculous stupidity and nonsense. Of course if the leaders did this would end VERY badly. Again, America and its electoral process simply is not important enough to a nation like Russia to waste much effort trying to influence it.

The "Russia-Gate" nonsense has upset a very careful and meticulous diplomatic process, shooting it to h!ll for now, and possibly destroying it. Furthermore we had recently gotten China to take baby steps in help with North Korea.

Is "China-Gate" coming next? No wonder the South Koreans have held up on THAAD using an "environmental" rationale. They've taken a look at the American political process and concluded we cannot be trusted. As for the Chinese, the same analysis has likely taken place. Unfortunately the democrats and many Republicans seem to perfectly willing to blow up America and possibly the world strictly for partisan political purposes.

fred lapides said...

Dear mr Editor: Nope. the media did not ignore the Loretta Lynch stuff. I saw it on the left leaning MSNBC cable channel. You seem to feel that there is a conspiracy against the right, Trump, the gop. Not so.

War News Updates Editor said...

With the exception of CNN (mind you Chris Matthews at CNN just killed the Trump-collusion story) .... the media is now taking a step back and looking at the story differently.
I say it is about time!!!

Also Fred .... sorry, but I do not believe in conspiracies. What I do believe in is the hyper-partisanship of the press .... a fact that they are always proving to me on a daily basis and which .... time permitting .... I always enjoy chronicling here.

jimbrown said...

Comey obstructed justice in the July 2016 press conference.

jimbrown said...

HRC needs to be added to the investigation for failed attempt to influence the vote by Putin and Russia in her favor.

Aizino Smith said...

"Dear mr Editor: Nope. the media did not ignore the Loretta Lynch stuff. I saw it on the left leaning MSNBC cable channel. You seem to feel that there is a conspiracy against the right, Trump, the gop. Not so. "

Means nothing. It could not be ignored, so they ideologically inoculated you.

They ncould not deny, so they spun and you gullible lapped it up.

The inoculation took.

On July 5, 2016 Comey said Hillary violated the law but exonerated her because, there was no intent?

Comey should have been fired JAN 20, 2017.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor:

I am worried about you. You seem to spend all day and night finding reasons to support me and those I care about. Between your business interests and social life I do not know how you find the time to defend Russia and Trump from all those powerful people trying to tear us down. As a staunch defender of all that is RIGHT while living in a left leaning country,you must be exhausted.

Please, try to take care of yourself. I have lots of people taking care of me and mine.

Thank you for all your support.

You are one of my favorites!

Always, your Vlad

Anonymous said...

Just saw a lot of press concerning update 9. Do you check your editorials for correctness? Will you issue a retraction?

War News Updates Editor said...

Anon, Aizinio
Check my comment at 4:51 PM
I applaud this new awareness from the media on the other stories that are out there.

Dear Vlad,
I type and read very fast. Do not worry. I have a lot of free time.
I am still waiting for my check from you.
Need to pay bills.
Also .... please do not run in next year's election.
Russia needs new blood. Your thinking is outdated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor:

I am a bit short of money right now because of palace payments. I only make about $200,000 a year so I cannot send money to you right now.

However, I am told that many Russian expats live in Canada and they have lots of money to pay my best friends.

Russia has all the blood it needs. If I need extra I know where to go.

Please keep up the great work.

Without your support I would be nothing.

Your in solidarity...Vlad

War News Updates Editor said...

Dear Vlad,
I understand that you are not happy since I threw in with Alexei Navalny and some of his friends.
Time is short for you, and you are nervous.
That is OK.
Russia survived before you, and will after. I am not worry. Neither should you.
Speaking of Russian expats living in Canada.
Life is good here, but when we feel homesick we make a visit to the old country and tell everyone what life is like here.
Love to bring money to all of your friends, but Canada has a very high tax rate. Contrary to media reports, life is tough here, and the winters are harsher.
Say hello to your new friend Megyn Kelly for me. I loved her when she was on FOX.
Yours truly,
Happy Canadian

Anonymous said...

Tovarish Editor:

From what I hear on tapes Alexi does not know who you are. He is too busy making Progress.

I am Russia. I am eternal. I have eyes and ears everywhere. I am also a really fun guy.

Glad you are living in Canada. Your apartment was swept the other day from what I hear. So, relax.

Your friends miss you. Come home. Enjoy the better weather. My friends enjoy lots of perks and no taxes.

In case you have not walked around the Kremlin recently, the parade really damaged the street brick. New ICBMs are so heavy!

Putin does not allow putine on Russian tables. That is why Mother Russia is superior to Canada.

Megyn is nice. I prefer former competition athletes.

We should work out at the Dojo real soon. I would like to show you my staying power.

Stay strong my friend.

Vlad The Eternal

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you Mr. President
Yeah ....
Those damn parades and the damage that the tracks do to the streets has always been a pet peeve of mine.
Glad that my apartment was swept .... again.
But so what. My cell and computer time is always monitored .... by you, the Chinese, the Americans, and .... maybe the Canadians.
But I don't worry.
My concern and focus is always on world peace and a better tomorrow. Not you.
Time to go to bed.
The GF is waiting for me, and we have a big day tomorrow. Friends are coming over from the U.S. to watch the Grand Prix in Montreal this weekend.
Its a great party.
Enjoy your parade
Happy Montrealer