Friday, June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin Blames President Trump And His Family For Ruining Her Life

Daily Mail: 'There's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!' Kathy Griffin breaks down in tears claiming Trump family ruined her life - as her lawyer scoffs at report Barron was upset over severed head video

* Kathy Griffin broke down in tears speaking about the constant attacks from the public and members of the Trump family over the past few days
* She said that she has been receiving constant death threats, which she described as detailed and specific
* Griffin also said that President Trump 'broke' her and that she does not expect her career to recover from his family's attacks
* She added that she will not back down from this fight, saying: 'I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a bully'
* Griffin said that the photo shoot was inspired by Megyn Kelly, and the comment Trump made to the then-Fox News host about 'blood coming out of everywhere'
* It was also confirmed at the press conference that the Secret Service is investigating Griffin over the image

Kathy Griffin accused President Donald Trump and his family of launching a campaign to destroy her life in response to the image she posted earlier this week in which she appeared to be holding the commander-in-chief's severed head.

The comedian broke down in tears as she detailed the torrent of abuse she has been receiving online, and the constant death threats which she described as detailed and specific.

She stated however that she will not back down from this fight, saying: 'I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a bully.'

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Update #1: Griffin not ‘laying down’ for Trump, fears career is over (AP)
Update #2: Kathy Griffin breaks down: 'I made a horrible, horrible call … he broke me' (FOX news)

WNU Editor: I give her credit for one thing .... she wanted to be provocative .... and she certainly was. But it is obvious that she had not calculated what the backlash would be .... nor even considered the opinions and feelings of other who have suffered from such atrocities .... i.e. Daniel Pearl. The world has changed in the past few years .... we are becoming more of a global village .... and the internet is our medium. Post something on one side of the world .... it is on the other-side within hours (or sooner). What may be funny to you .... can send a completely different message somewhere else .... which is why I decided to post this story. I come from a time when political correctness was not as important as it is today .... and I will admit that I am enjoyed living in that time. But the times have changed .... and because of that .... I know only too well that we have to be thoughtful on what we say and do on the worldwide web .... this includes bloggers and comics .... especially bad comics. But blaming President Trump for her misfortune .... oh please.


King Aragon said...

Haa ha what a world

Daniel said...

Well, if you want to be provocative, you better be ready to provoke a reaction. I think it would be better if people learned to put up with such things, from left and right. But that seems unlikely to happen and one needs to face up to that.

TWN said...

Don't dish it out unless you can take as well. What did she think would happen, another righteous asshat.

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal, can dish out horrendous shit but can't take the slightest pushback

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, if you are going to be a democrat in this country you better have your victimhood story all figured out.

fred lapides said...

Not sure why this tabloid stuff belongs on a site dealing with war,military matters, jihadism, political science...Can we soon expect to have full coverage of Ivanka Trump's wardrobe and Chuck Schumer's summer vacation plans?

Anonymous said...

I can imagine this is not as pleasant for you because of your extreme views. But posting bullshit about hookers peeing in a Moscow hotell room is totally ok without any evidence. Give me a break with your lame double standards.

War News Updates Editor said...

The reason why I posted this is because she did have an impact beyond the U.S. borders. It is what I meant when I said we live in a global village .... when people from other countries look at how we treat our leader's .... it has an impact on how they see us .... in turn this has an impact on how their leaders respond. And while much of what happens between nation states is still dependent on what is in the self interest of a country .... these little things do alter perception .... and it is certainly being used by governments that are not friendly to the U.S..

Anonymous said...

Viva Trump

Anonymous said...

Get A Job With ISIS

D.Plowman said...

I never heard of this 'comic' before she did her little stunt.

I don't feel sorry for her, for the fact that she's now putting on the water works and blaming Trump for her misery.

I hate political correctness. And I don't like Trump either (although do enjoy the fact that he's the US President, ha!) but her little stunt was a bit too much.

Silly girl.

War News Updates Editor said...

D. Plowman
Yes .... silly girl who is out of her league.
But blaming Trump and his family .... playing the victim card makes it worse (for her).

fazman said...

All she needs to do do is look in the mirror and blame herself
, her reaction of now blaming her victim smscks of a rapists mentality.
Now to knock snoop dog off his perch

fazman said...

All she needs to do do is look in the mirror and blame herself
, her reaction of now blaming her victim smscks of a rapists mentality.
Now to knock snoop dog off his perch

fazman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RussInSoCal said...

Griffin can take her trump head - and her shitass self pity cram them where it hurts.

RussInSoCal said...

"So I’m happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron.
You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game.”

Anonymous said...

Inciting violence against a duly elected president is "tabloid stuff"? Give me a break.

Aizino Smith said...

Kathy just made great agitprop ... for the other side.

What is even better is that the other side does not have to exaggerate or lie.

All they have to do is give the unvarnished balls out Kathy.

Other Lefties & liberals like what she did. They just cannot admit it publicly.

Aizino Smith said...


"Politics is war by other means" - Waldo

Kathy was engaged in politics. That is she was engaged in war.

This site is called "War News UPDATE"

Did you miss the war part of the blog's title?

Or maybe you do not understand Waldo?