Tuesday, June 20, 2017

NATO War Games In Poland, Near Lithuanian Border Is Riling Russia

WSJ Media: NATO’s Stronger Baltic Force Riles Russia

A Canadian military deployment completes NATO’s buildup in the Baltic region, even as Russia says such moves undermine security.

ADAZI, Latvia—The North Atlantic Treaty Organization said its deterrent force is fully in place in the Baltic area with the addition of a Canadian-led battle group in Latvia, enhancing deployments criticized by Russia.

A ceremony on Monday, featuring parading troops from Latvia, Canada, Poland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Albania, marked complete deployment of the fourth and final alliance battle group to the Baltic region. In all, NATO has positioned some 4,500 troops in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Allied and Russian forces have both been building up in the Baltic region. The deployments have raised the risk of miscalculation, some analysts said, but both sides have said they are necessary defensive initiatives.

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