Thursday, June 8, 2017

Russian President Putin: Slam's Hillary Clinton And Praises Former President Ronald Reagan

Putin and Oliver Stone are pictured together in an image from the upcoming Showtime documentary, The Putin Interviews

Daily Mail: Vladimir Putin slams Hillary Clinton saying she 'abused the Russian issue' by comparing him to Hitler and praises Ronald Reagan for stopping work at 6 p.m. each day to watch TV with his wife in series of interviews with Oliver Stone

* Russian leader Vladimir Putin spoke in a series of interviews with the famed director before the election last year for an upcoming Showtime documentary
* The Russian leader revealed that he has taken tips from Fidel Castro in the past on how to avoid being assassinated
* Putin describes former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum by Russia after fleeing the US, as a ‘courageous man, more probably, even foolhardy’
* During the interview, Putin also joked when asked if he'd shower with a gay man
* 'I prefer not to... Why provoke him? But you know, I'm a judo master,' Putin said
* Stone's four-part documentary premieres on Showtime next Monday, June 12 at 9 p.m.

Vladimir Putin criticized Hillary Clinton for making ‘extreme statements’ against Russia during the election.

The Russian President said that the former Democratic candidate ‘abused the Russian issue’ by comparing him to Hitler.

He said that she was ‘sacrificing intergovernmental relations’ for short term gain and that it was a bad idea.

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WNU Editor: Over the years I have remarked that when Hillary Clinton compared Putin and Russia to Hitler and the Nazis she had crossed the line .... Are The DNC Email Leaks Russian President Putin's Revenge Against Hillary Clinton For Comparing Him To Hitler 2 Years Ago? (July 26, 2016). For Russians .... to be compared to Hitler is unforgivable .... and in the case of Russian President Putin who lost his older brother in the war .... doubly so. Putin has never commented personally on Hillary Clinton's Hitler remarks until now .... and kudos to Oliver Stone for getting that out of him (and to validate all the comments that I have made in the past that these remarks by her did peeved-off Putin). As for his admiration of Ronald Reagan .... truth be told .... many Russians have always admired him because he understood the former Soviet Union better than most people in the West .... it is just strange to hear this coming from a former KGB officer.


Anonymous said...

Putin deserves an Oscar for his performance during the last year. There is nobody in the world that can generate the level of high quality B.S. that this man can generate. He should also receive a management award. He knows how to manipulate the Russian organs of government and use them to mess with the West. This is a level of achievement that one can admire if not like.

Putin's intelligence absolutely shines when compared to other leaders of first world countries. He has tied the U.S. in knots. Europe is rightfully scared. And Russia has yet to fire a shot. Putin just outmaneuvers his adversaries.

The best generals read each other books or, in this case, play books. Putin has apparently read them all if not written them for his adversaries. Nobody can seam, in the West, to get his number and figure out his game sufficient to push back.

Putin is right about a war. The question is can Putin keep pushing the West without the West pushing the button. Accidents happen. Putin is pushing the system to the accident point. Some people would look at this as insane understanding the outcomes. Other think that he is a hero.

The next time a Hero Russian aircraft collides with a U.S. asset as it plays chicken the Hero many become the match.

Nice game while you have it stay cold.

Jay Farquharson said...


Hillary and Ronald Ray gun,


Pure maristroika.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. Putin is smart, absolutely. And I like that about him. But.. the list of what's wrong with him is much longer and more important. He suppresses free press. He violates human rights. He enriched himself massively and is suspected to be a double digit billionaire, on a meager president's salary that means he stole money from every Russian. And how's Russia doing? Doping scandals sanctioned by him embarrass Russian athletes in the entire world. The economy is in the dumpster. Mass unemployment. Not diversified economy - heavy reliant on oil and gas. Never ending conflict in Syria, Chechnya, eastern Ukraine. Has managed to bring the world back to cold war era. Sure. .many of these things can be said about other nations and somewhat are the fault of other nations. But ultimately, Putin is a corrupt person who really just deserves an Oscar for playing the charming yet, strong leader. The reason why Putin shines is because the west is at its darkest moments with own issues of incompetence and corruption and no good leaders. That's why a man like putin shines and isn't seen for what he is: a thug that has you murdered if you disagree with him and are politically active ... don't forget that. There's no freedom in Russia under Putin - just think about how strong Russia could be in the world if you go back to who you were. .strong people without doping, philosophers, engineers and mathematicians who build everything, not just weapons. Wake up, Russia

jimbrown said...

It was the disinformation campaign in effect. Putin supported Trump creating negatives for him while HRC adopted hardline showing her grit. It was all supported by a chorus of press echoing this line. It worked very well except for the getting HRC elected part.

Putin is no fool. He was prepared for either win.

LBJ Listen not to what I say but what I do.

Anonymous said...

All good comments except JF.

FYI: Russian military deception, sometimes known as maskirovka (маскировка), is a military doctrine developed from the start of the twentieth century. The doctrine covers a broad range of measures for military deception, ranging from camouflage to denial and deception.

NOT maristroika.