Monday, June 19, 2017

Saudi Arabia Detain Three Iranian Revolutionary Guards Caught Near Major Oil Installation

A General View of the Saudi offshore oil rig 'Marjan 2'. © Reza / Getty Images

The Guardian: Iran and Saudi Arabia offer clashing accounts of offshore confrontation

Iran says Saudi navy opened fire on fishing boats as Saudi navy says it captured boat and detained three members of Revolutionary Guards

The Saudi navy said it had captured three members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards from a boat seized last week as the vessel approached Saudi Arabia’s offshore Marjan oilfield, Riyadh has said.

Iran’s interior ministry denied the Saudi claim, however, saying that the Saudi navy had opened fire on two Iranian fishing boats.

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WNU Editor: Iran is denying Saudi Arabia's claims .... Iranian official denies Saudi claim it arrested Iranian military forces (Reuters).

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D.Plowman said...

Do what the Iranians did to the captured US sailors last time... Parade them around on national TV and get them to make a confession.