Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Kremlin Has Failed In Censoring The Internet

Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg: Internet Censor Banned Itself

More proof that censoring the internet is as difficult as it is futile.

Censoring the internet is as difficult as it is futile, and Russian internet users have convincingly demonstrated this to the government this month by turning its website-blocking system against itself.

During President Vladimir Putin's third term, which began in 2012, Russia has significantly stepped up attempts to purge the internet of "extremist" views. But the Kremlin doesn't have an equivalent of China's "Great Firewall," which controls the internet through the gateways between the national segment and the rest of the global network. Instead, internet providers are required to block the sites on the blacklist of the regulator agency Roskomnadzor.

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WNU Editor: Russians are not like the Chinese when it comes to restrictions on the internet .... they do not accept it. These attempts to block web sites is backfiring on the Kremlin big time.

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