Monday, June 5, 2017

The Nightmare Drug Captagon Is Still Fuelling Syria's Civil War

A customs officer displays a handful of confiscated Captagon pills. (REUTERS / Nikolay Doychinov)

CBC: Meet Captagon, the nightmare drug fuelling Syria's civil war

When authorities at Charles de Gaulle Airport discovered 750,000 pills being smuggled into the country inside industrial moulds, the drugs were so well hidden they needed special tools to cut them out.

It turned out that the drug in the shipment was Captagon, a powerful amphetamine.

Investigators said this week they believe some of the cache was en route to Saudi Arabia.

That would make sense: Captagon use is unusual in France, but very common in the Middle East, especially in Saudi, where it's used recreationally and in Syria, where it plays a surprising role in the country's civil war.

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WNU Editor: I have covered this story before .... How The Amphetamine Known As Captagon Is Fueling Syria's Civil War (January 14, 2014). More here .... 'Captagon' Is Now The 'Jihad Meth' Of Choice For Islamic State Fighters (January 15, 2014).

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Anonymous said...

Yeah they absolutely need to cut the captagon supply lines (I know, easier said than done)..but without the drug many of these fighters would not commit some of these drug-fueled/half asleep atrocities. .they are basically pumped up and burned out at the same time, only kept awake by this drug blend and other amphetamines. ..