Thursday, June 1, 2017

The U.S. Has Withdrawn From The Paris Climate Accord

RFE: Trump Announces That U.S. Will Withdraw From Paris Climate Accord

President Donald Trump says the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, saying the accord is detrimental to the U.S. economy and that he will open negotiations to seek a new deal.

Trump on June 1 said in the Rose Garden of the White House that he was fulfilling his "solemn duty to protect America and its citizens” and restoring U.S. “sovereignty” by “getting out” of the climate agreement signed by 194 other countries.

"The bottom line is the Paris accord is very unfair, at the highest level, to the United States," he said. "The agreement is massive redistribution of United States wealth to other countries."

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WNU Editor: So what will be different with the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord? Western countries will still implement the accord .... making energy resources that they regard as dirty more expensive to use, while supporting energy technologies that cannot compete on the open market with financial support to make them competitive. Poorer countries will still be doing what they have always been doing .... deforestation/limited environmental standards/and growth policies that are not sustainable .... while blaming the West for why their country is an environmental disaster. China and Russia will say that they will respect the accord .... but with no mechanism in place to enforce the accord .... I doubt that they will meet their obligations. And as for the U.S. .... the adoption of "green energy" and the growth of alternative energy sources will continue .... regardless of Trump. This is now part of the culture (going green), and it will only grow with time. As to the impact on the climate itself .... in the past 1,000 years the world has experienced extremes in climate .... so here is an easy prediction .... this will continue. And as long as the sun is still responsible for 99% of the earth's climate .... (and yes .... I know that a lot of those who support climate change are disputing the role that the sun has in influencing the climate for the past century) .... IMHO we will still be dependent more on what it does than on what we do with our emissions. But the biggest impact on this US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement will be on the political level .... especially from those who were hoping to use the accord to implement their economic policies and programs. Do not get me wrong .... these policies will still be implemented globally (minus the U.S. federal government) ..... but because of their financial costs via through tax policies and regulations we may end up with an uneven playing field .... with the U.S. enjoying the benefits and advantages of not being bound by its Paris climate commitments. How big will this benefit be for the U.S. .... I do not know. But if the "benefit" is big .... it could present some problems for those countries when it comes to explaining to their voters on why they must accept a lower standard of living so that the rate of growth in global warming will save us a degree or two in the distant future.  So here is another easy prediction .... this is going to be a tough sell .... and all the doom and gloom stories and computer models on what the earth is going to be like in 50 years is not going to change that.


Anonymous said...

To hell with mother Earth.... Let's get to bombing some S$@t and fighting perpetual wars with East Asia, South Asia, North East Asia, whatever. MAGA. 'Murica. I'm dumb as f%^k and don't care.

Anonymous said...

Stupid libturdz hate 'Merica. Go back to russia, 'Merica winz the warz and s%&t.

fred lapides said...

Dear Mr. Trump:
while you listened to Bannon and Preibus rather than daughter and son in law, if you can remember, see what is coming down the pike led by Jerry Brown and others in cities and states in our country, as they make close climate relationships with many other countries. It has already begun.

Anonymous said...

Science and facts are so inconvenient. Easier to have truthiness than truth. Facts are optional. So is a livable environment.

My colleagues tell me we have passed the tipping point. So, party like it is 1964. There is no stopping it now.

Congrats to all for your part in this process.

Just like God will provide for the religious faithful the science deniers say that they had no part in the warming planet.

Simple mass balance...not that these folks ever did one. Release all the sequestered carbon stored in coal, oil, gas, etc. for umpteen million years via combustion, do it in a short amount of time, and you wind up changing the of pH water and then the pH via of the lakes and oceans. Kill the reefs and algae. Try breathing your dividends.

You see you do not really need models to make the case. Anybody trained to understand mass balance will understand the argument.

Oops, forgot that you don't need any expertise to have have a valid and scientifically defensible argument.

For you folks that only respond with Wiki links or libturd stings, I voted full Republican in the last election. There are some of us that can read, write and understand science.

I doubt that I can penetrate the faithful or faithless, but now you know how it really works in the real world.

Bomb, burn, whatever. The damage you do will not even come close to the process now underway.

The world gets it. Too bad you don't.

Party on dudes!

Jac said...

This climate change is ridiculous: in the "Eocene period" the average temperature was 73F means much more that our current temperature and..... does it means there was any "no return point"? Obviously not because we are here.

War News Updates Editor said...

This is interesting

War News Updates Editor said...

Hmmmm .... maybe we are doomed ....

Jay Farquharson said...

The Great Orange Bloat has ushered in a new great era of American journalism.

Some journalists are actually investigating, not just doing stenography.

The bloody fingerprints on the Great White Dope's Paris Speech have already been traced back to the suspects,

Jay Farquharson said...

"we" are not doomed, but for the children and grandchildren, life is going to get nasty, brutish and short.

As a species, we arn't going to make it through, Climate Wars will probably get us first, though.

There won't be much life left on this rock, but there's enough to start the cycle of evolution all over again.

Maybe the next time, an intelligent species will evolve instead.

Jac said...

Well, evolution is evolution. All species are evolving with their environment human species included.

Jay Farquharson said...

When any of the factors that make up species environment change, faster that the species can adapt, migrate or evolve, the species goes extinct.

Species that are small, breed fast, and are greatly mobile are the best bet's for surviving, humans are not.

If you've got a "Natural Wonders of the World" bucket list, best get cracking.

Jac said...

Jay, you are right on this point. That's why we must have a good strategy. Either we try to curb the CO2 or we try to make the technology to protect us for a too much fast rising temperature. To be perfectly honest I have no idea witch is the best because both of them are wishes.

Jay Farquharson said...

Curtesy of an organized campaign of Climate Change Denialism, and their Useful Idiots, many whom took the position not becase they believed the shite peddled, but instead though it was worth it to piss off the so called libtards,

We passed the threshold a while ago and there ain't no going back, not for at least 150,000 years, maybe a million or two,

There is no technology, and there won't be.

Within two generation's a human will be lucky if they just have food, water and shelter.

Caecus said...

Even secular atheists seem to have their doomsday cult.

TWN said...

7.3 Billion people on the planet, no moderate solution will stop whats coming and the Paris Deal was less than moderate, the US dumping it will have no real effect. The time to stop this has passed, delude yourself all you want that this disaster can be stopped or reversed, it can't, 250 years of coal then oil, deforestation, and 7.3 billion people and climbing, is like a runaway train. The god of technology will not save us, get a good supply of Adult Diapers, cause pee pee time is coming.

Jay Farquharson said...

The "beauty" of the Paris Accords was that the whole world agreed that Climate Change was a big deal, worth trying to deal with,

except Syria, which thought the Accords were too much,

and Nicaragua, which thought the Accords were too little, too late,

and now, the US, which thinks Climate Change is a fake science Chinese Red Plot,


Meanwhile, China and India are blowing past their targets, Blue States and Blue Cities has told Trump to piss off,

And the question becomes, will Sanctuary Coties accept Red State Climate Refugee's in the future, or will it be all Mad Max?