Thursday, June 15, 2017

The U.S. Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier Has Trouble Launching Jets From Its Deck And Catching Them When They Land

The USS Gerald R. Ford, underway in April during builder testing, was accepted by the Navy last month. But it still has some problems with its flight deck systems. US Navy

Bloomberg: The $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier That Has Trouble With Planes

* Landing system costs soared to fix flaws during development
* Carrier still can’t launch jets with full extra fuel tanks

The newest and costliest U.S. aircraft carrier, praised by President Donald Trump and delivered to the Navy on May 31 with fanfare, has been dogged by trouble with fundamentals: launching jets from its deck and catching them when they land.

Now, it turns out that the system used to capture jets landing on the USS Gerald R. Ford ballooned in cost, tripling to $961 million from $301 million, according to Navy documents obtained by Bloomberg News.

While the Navy says the landing system has been fixed, the next-generation carrier built by Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. still hasn’t been cleared to launch F/A-18 jets carrying a full complement of fuel tanks under their wings, a handicap that could limit their effectiveness in combat.

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